About us

When it comes to taking control of your finances, the most difficult thing is knowing where to start.

It’s hard to make decisions when there are so many options available, and so many questions that need to be answered. Should I be saving more into my retirement pot? Will I be able to retire at the age I want? Are my savings in the right place? 

That’s where Unbiased comes in. 

Unbiased empowers people to make confident financial decisions, from how to start an investment portfolio to ensuring you’re saving the maximum for retirement. We answer the questions that matter most to you, based on our experience, insight and direct knowledge.  

From navigating federal income tax brackets to how much you need in your 401k; from the lowdown on bitcoin to savings quick wins, you’ll find timely, relevant information and insight at your fingertips. Add to this a wealth of interactive tools, tips and guides and you’ll understand why we’re trusted on all things personal finance.  

Coming soon 

Unsure where to find an advisor? Don’t have time to get multiple quotes from different firms?

Our quick and easy new matching service will connect you to a trusted, regulated advisor quickly and easily, saving you time and stress.

We’re just putting the finishing touches to this service which means you’ll be able to match to a fully regulated advisor who’s right for your circumstances. 

Whatever your financial needs or goals, you can be confident in knowing you’re in the right place to take control of your money.