Frequently asked questions

What is Unbiased Pro?

FAQ’s to run from 1st Jan until free trial. FAQ’s will be updated for each launch phase

Unbiased provides one of the most effective lead-generation services for financial advisors. What’s more, our exclusive lead generation service is just one small part of a comprehensive platform for attracting, nurturing and converting leads into the clients you need.

Our platform manages your entire prospecting pipeline — from dropping perfect clients straight into your inbox for you to accept to managing them at each stage of the conversion process.

How does it work?

  1. Target’s advice demand. Using strategic digital channels, our online presence and press create greater reach and higher search volumes. Targeted social media, national and international press, top-ranking search terms, calculators and tools and high-performing content help create reach and  recognition.
  2. Finds the right advisor for people's advice needs. We've created a dynamic matching tool to make finding the right advisor as easy and efficient as possible. People looking for advice simply complete a short survey, and our algorithm matches them to the right one for their needs.
  3. Discover, assess and respond to potential clients in seconds. Our platform instantly matches new inquiries with businesses meeting their requirements, taking into account multiple data points and complex criteria in the blink of an eye.
  4. Get exclusive access to our best sales leads. Advisors can preview all leads and accept only those best suited to them. Any accepted are exclusive to them – we never sell them more then once.

What type of inquiries can advisors expect?

Through Unbiased Pro, advisors can select the type of client they want most. Advisors can limit prospective clients based on factors such as location and wealth levels or by refining the advice types they offer. Advice categories for our advisors include:

  • Wealth management
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment management  
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance solutions and risk management
  • Divorce planning
  • Education planning
  • Business services

Who can sign up to Unbiased?

Unbiased is currently available to Registered Independent Advisors (RIA’s), registered and validated by the SEC.

Where do Unbiased currently operate?

We currently operate in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and California. We're also open to nationwide partnerships to manage inquiries across the country. If you are looking for your perfect clients in these locations then sign up today by emailing us at [email protected].

How do you sign up for Unbiased?

Unbiased is here to help your business. If you're looking for the perfect clients in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, and California we'll deliver them straight to your inbox and give you the tools to manage them throughout the sales process'.

To join UnbiasedPro, email  [email protected].

Once we have received your request, an Unbiased account manager will contact you to:

  • Activate your subscription. You’ll have immediate access to the platform’s conversion tools, client management software and performance analytics.
  • Create your profile. Choose the clients you want by selecting your wealth level, zip code, and areas of advising expertise.
  • Review additional locations. Gain access to a tailored market for your business by promoting your services in the areas of your choice.

Once you have activated your account, at the start of the trail you will be able to:

  • Preview your inquiries. Choose which to accept and which to reject. Once accepted, your leads are exclusive to you.
  • Manage your leads. From initial contact through to conversion, enjoy simplified client management through the Unbiased Pro platform.
  • Measure your performance. Our real-time analytics provide you immediate insights into your funnel — know where you stand from conversion rates to ROI.


Subscription pricing 

How much is a subscription?

Start growing your business like never before! View and choose from one of our subscription plans.

With our subscription service, you'll enjoy:

  • The choice of one location (zip code) where you want to find leads
  • The ability to purchase more locations for just $85 each, so you can expand your reach
  • Exclusive leads that are only sold once, giving you a better chance of winning the business
  • Unlimited pre-filtered inquiries every month, so you can stay on top of your game
  • Direct delivery of leads to your profile, making it easy to follow up quickly
  • The Inquiry Marketplace, where you can find even more leads to fill your pipeline
  • Client management and conversion software that makes it simple to manage your business
  • An SEO-optimized profile with testimonials and external links, so you can stand out from the competition
  • API integration with your CRM or BI tools, for a seamless workflow
  • Advanced analytics and insights to track your performance and measure your success
  • Credit boosts when you set up regular monthly credit purchases, to help you save money over time.

All our plans are subject to a 6 month minimum term

Add additional locations

How much are locations?  

Scale your business and increase your lead volume by promoting your business instantly in additional zip codes. New locations help you expand your reach, providing you additional lead opportunities from clients in those areas looking for advice.

Depending which subscription plan you choose you will receive a minimum number of locations within your package. You can view all subscription plans and locations thresholds here.

How to add, change or remove locations?  

You can add, change or remove locations via your account manager. Email them at [email protected] and they can activate your request or call you back to discuss your locations in more detail.

Inquiry pricing 

How much are inquiries? 

Depending on your business needs and goals, we have tiered pricing plans that allow you to choose the type of inquiries that will benefit your business growth while allowing you to set the types of inquiries you would like to receive from Unbiased. The tiered pricing structure below is based on client-stated wealth or asset value and enables you to choose the types and values of inquiries that will benefit your business growth.

free trial

UnbiasedPro is offering a free trial between April 3rd and July 2nd

For the duration of the trial you can access the platform, all its tools and accept unlimited enquiries free for three months. You can also add up to 5 additional locations per state.

To participate in the free trial you must provide an upfront valid payment card. Unless terminated prior to the 30th June 2023  an ongoing monthly subscription and location fee will applied, with all enquiries subject to charges from this date.  

You can view the subscription and enquiry pricing here (link to pricing below)

From 2nd July the following pricing applies




Current $

Level 1

$0 - $25,000

50 credits


Level 2

$25,001k - $100,000

50 credits


Level 3

$100,001 - $250,000

95 credits


Level 4

$250,001 - $500,000  

190 credits  


Level 5

$500,001 - $1,000,000  

250 credits


Level 6

$1,000,001 - $2,000,000  

450 credits


Level 7

$2,000,001 >

700 credits


All prices exclusive of sales tax. Fee varies depending on how lead information is received. 

How do I purchase inquiries?

Inquiries can be purchased via a Monthly Credit Purchase (MCP). Set your monthly credit limit based on your business needs when you sign up and any inquiries accepted in the month will be redeemed against your credits. If you run out of credits you can increase your monthly purchase or just top up as you go.

Each credit is 1 credit = $1 and can be purchased with the same payment form as your subscription.

Monthly credit purchases also provide a 5% credit boost each month. The boost amount is based on the value of your monthly credit purchase, so if, you set up an MCP of 100 paid credits, you'll receive 5 extra credits for free. This means you'll have more credits at a cost of less than $1 per credit.

  1. Log into your UnbiasedPro account
  2. Go to the billing section and select the 'credits' tab
  3. Choose the number of credits to purchase and click 'Top up my balance'
  4. The payment card on the account will be charged and a summary of the purchase will be displayed, including the number of credits, the updated credit balance, and the total charge amount
  5. Credits will be added to your account instantly upon purchase
  6. Note that sales tax will be applied to the purchase amount.  

Inquiry marketplace

Marketplace is a tool that can help supplement the volume of leads you're receiving from our match service. This can be useful if you or your team of advisors need additional leads to keep your business growing. Marketplace leads come from referral partners or overflow from the matching service when advisors are too busy to accept them.

To access Marketplace, simply go to your inquiry dashboard within your profile and follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on 'Inquiries' in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Select the 'Marketplace' tab.
  3. Use the filters to narrow down the selection and view all available Marketplace inquiries.

By using Marketplace, you can broaden your pool of potential leads and ensure you always have access to high-quality inquiries.

What features do I get with Unbiased Pro

From 2nd July the following pricing applies

Unbiased Pro is a comprehensive platform designed to help you grow and manage your client base.

  • Choose your clients with precision - you can filter by wealth level, advice type, and zip code to ensure that you're only targeting the right prospects.
  • Control the leads you accept - our preview tool lets you see each inquiry before you accept it so that you can focus on the most promising opportunities.
  • Purchase exclusive inquiries - we never sell the same lead more than once, so you can be sure you're getting a competitive advantage.
  • Greet new clients instantly - our automated welcome message feature ensures you make a great first impression every time.
  • Stay organized and on top of your schedule - set reminders, attach notes, and link to your calendar to make connecting with clients easier and more efficient.
  • Manage your leads easily - track their progress in our client management Kanban board and export them to your CRM or BI tool.
  • Take control of your performance - our real-time analytics dashboard gives you a clear overview of your activity and helps you measure your ROI.

From 2nd July the following pricing applies

With Unbiased Pro, you'll have all the tools to attract, engage, and retain high-quality clients. We've got you covered from targeted filtering and lead previewing to automated messaging and advanced analytics. Sign up today to start growing your business!

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