17 easy ways to make money online

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Strapped for cash or want to make some easy money? There are many ways to make money online that aren’t too time-consuming.

Here are 17 ways to make some extra cash online.  

1.Fill out online surveys  

If you have opinions and don’t mind sharing them, filling out online surveys is an easy way to make money. You’ll only get offered a small amount of money for each survey. However, if you keep at it, you may earn hundreds of dollars via the likes of Branded Surveys, iSay and Toluna.   

2. Watch TV or ads  

Avid TV watcher? You’re in luck. You can typically earn between $64 and $90 discussing your views in a group. Online surveys are also available but do pay less. If you want to watch ads, you can earn money by watching ads through a few different companies, including InboxDollars and My Points

3. Play games  

If you love spending hours playing video games, this is the ideal option for you. You can earn money playing games online via Toluna and InboxDollars.  

4. Listen to music  

You can earn money by listening to music and offering valuable feedback, which will help artists and record labels make decisions through sites such as Slicethepie.  

5. Enter competitions  

You can become a “comper” – someone who regularly enters competitions to win money or prizes. There are many handy tips online to help boost your chances of winning big.  

6. Earn cashback  

Are you not feeling lucky? You can earn cashback when you buy from hundreds of retailers via TopCashback – or you can make a little extra using a cashback credit card. Getting cashback online usually takes a while, while cashback credit cards typically have high-interest rates.  

7. Get paid to search the web  

Yes, you can get paid for searching online via Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay by using the Qmee browser add-on. While each Qmee result typically pays as little as 19 cents, you can cash out at any time and do online surveys to boost your rewards.   

8. Complete easy tasks  

You can get paid for completing simple tasks on various sites, including surveys and competitions. Alternatively, you can do easy micro-tasks like data entry and writing via Clickworker.  

9. Earn money from your receipts  

Have a lot of receipts lying around? You might be able to turn them into cash or rewards when you upload them to Receipt Hog. You simply shop in-store or online, upload your paper or digital receipt, earn rewards and redeem them for cash or gift codes.   

10. Review websites and apps  

You can get paid for sharing your views on products and experiences through UserTesting. To join, you need to fill out an application and answer some questions; you will then be matched with testing opportunities. 

11. Monetize your website  

If you have your own website, there are many ways to easily make money. You can use affiliate links to get paid whenever someone buys a product through your link, introduce ads, publish sponsored posts or product reviews, or even make money through your newsletter – the possibilities are endless!  

12. Sell your photos  

Are you a shutterbug? You can sell your photos to sites like Alamy, Shutterstock and Getty Images. It’s a good idea to find out how much you’ll get paid for your photos, as some sites only offer a percentage of the sales price.   

13. Create YouTube videos  

You can make money by creating your own videos about whatever you’re passionate about through the YouTube Partner Programme.  

14. Go freelance or find gigs online   

Want to try being a freelancer? You can do freelance work whenever it suits you via Fiverr or if you’re a dab hand around the house through Handy – and even go freelance full-time if it fits your lifestyle.  

15. Sell your stuff online  

Whether you plan to declutter your wardrobe and sell clothes through depop, sell DVDs via Decluttr, or flog your items on eBay or Amazon, you can make a decent profit.   

16. Recycle old phones  

If you have old phones collecting dust, you can earn cash by selling them. But before you do this, make sure your data is completely wiped.  

17. Rent out your car parking space  

You may be able to earn hundreds of dollars a year when you rent out your car parking space. The amount you can make depends on how popular your area is with commuters or if it’s near in-demand entertainment venues.  

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