What is the average salary in Dallas?

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Discover the average salary in Dallas, Texas, as well as key information about the current job market, highest-paying employment positions, and what a good starting salary is in this lucrative metro.


  • The average salary in Dallas is impacted by neighborhood, age, education, and expertise. 

  • Dallas citizens earn an average of $66,250 a year, but a good salary in Dallas is around $80,000 annually. 

  • The minimum wage in Dallas, Texas, will more than double from $7.25 to $15 by 2025. 

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What is the average annual salary in Dallas? 

The annual average salary in Dallas for a working citizen is $66,250, or $31.85 an hour, which is considered one of the highest averages in America.  

Dallas has the second-largest GDP in the United States, making it one of the most lucrative and powerful cities in the world. Employment rates have increased by 20.3% in the past five years, adding to its dynamism and economic strength.  

Furthermore, studies suggest that Texan salaries are increasing by 3.5% each year. However, the cost of living in Dallas is currently 11% higher than the Texas average and 3% higher than the national average, making its impressive rates slightly harder to live off of than in other states.  

What is the average salary in Dallas by neighborhood? 

One of the biggest factors affecting salary averages in any city is neighborhood and location. Take a look at the annual average salary in Dallas in some of the most populated and active neighborhoods: 

Dallas is home to some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. As a city in the state of Texas, Dallas forms part of the eighth-strongest economy in the world, making it one of the best places to earn on a global scale.  

What is the average salary in Dallas by age? 

All over the world, middle-aged people tend to have the highest salaries. Younger people just entering the job market tend to have lower salaries, and those past traditional retirement age have the lowest.  

These figures represent the average income in Dallas by age, ranging from under 25 to over 65, annually.  

What is a good salary in Dallas? 

As the cost of living in Dallas (and throughout Texas) is considered fairly high, people need a skilled, well-paying job in order to live beyond their means.  

To live comfortably in Dallas, a good salary is about $80,000 annually. 80% of salaries in Dallas fall between $24,960 and $124,800 annually, so if you have a consistent, well-paying job, making a “good” salary is very much within your reach.  

What are the highest paying jobs in Dallas? 

The top industries to be involved in in Dallas, Texas, are healthcare, business services, financial services, and information technology.  With a bustling economy and the eighth-highest GDP in the world, talented job-seekers flock to Dallas for lucrative job opportunities. Here are some of the best:  

OccupationAnnual average salary
Anaesthesiologist $335,415
Psychiatrist $331, 538
Hospital physician $261,898
President of Operations $242,741
Nephrologist $204,181
Cyber security $148,400

Getting a job in any of these industries can just about guarantee you a good salary that puts you in the highest-paid demographic of Dallas.  

What is the average salary in Dallas by hour? 

The average salary Dallas employees make per hour is $31.85. The minimum wage in Dallas, Texas, is $7.25 an hour, which is the same as the federal minimum wage. All cities in Texas abide by this rule.  

However, the Dallas City Council has elected to increase its minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 by 2025, which will catapult its average salary ranking forward significantly.  

What is the average salary in Dallas by education level? 

Education level has always played a significant role in how high a person’s income level is. Generally speaking, the more educated you are, the more money you are likely to earn. The same is true of Dallas, as indicated below: 

  • Doctorate/Ph.D.: $140,751 annually or $70 p/h 

  • Bachelor’s degree: $59,310 annually or $29 p/h  

  • High school diploma: $37,869 annually or $18 p/h 

  • No high school diploma: $35,200 or $15.89 p/h  

Only 32% of Dallas citizens have a college degree, and much fewer have a doctorate or PhD. People who have a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma have a much higher chance of earning a good income in Dallas.  

What is the average salary in Dallas by gender? 

According to a recent study, Texan women earn up to $12,000 less per year than their male counterparts for the same job.  

For men, the average salary in Dallas is around $65,000 annually. It’s closer to $53,000 for women.  

This makes it harder for women to invest in their financial future. However, as awareness around the US gender pay gap becomes more prominent, people and the government are working to minimize the gap as much as possible in the coming years.  

What is a good starting salary in Dallas? 

In Dallas, Texas, an annual income of $34,000 is considered a good starting salary.  

Starting salaries tend to be smaller than average salaries across the board, and Dallas is no exception. However, the industry and profession a person enters can mean a much higher or much lower entry-level salary.  

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