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Learn about the average salaries and highest paying counties in Louisiana

The sheer size of Louisiana makes it difficult to define a 'good' salary. The Pelican State is home to diverse cities, each with their own cost of living and earnings potential. Whether you're a current resident or considering a move to Louisiana, it's important to understand the financial landscape. 

Numerous sources rank Louisiana as a state with a relatively low cost of living. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, it ranks as the seventh lowest in the country. As a result, the average salaries in Louisiana may be lower compared to other states, but the purchasing power of those salaries may be higher. But which cities and counties in Louisiana offer the highest average salaries? 

Average salary in Louisiana by city 

City living is often more expensive than living in more rural areas, but it’s also where the money is. Louisiana’s own cities can vary massively in average salary; cities like Metairie average close to $70,000, while Natchitoches’ average sits below $30,000.  

Average earnings by city—or any other geographical metric—is just one way of calculating wealth, and certainly shouldn’t be the only way you look at your own earning potential in a given place. It doesn’t take into account the type of jobs that people do to earn above or below this average bracket, and omits any consideration for the number of people living in a household. However, it’s certainly one way of establishing which place offers good earning opportunities.  

The US Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey has calculated the average earnings for the 20 largest cities in Louisiana, which you can find ranked by size below.  

CityAverage household income
New Orleans $42,249
Baton Rouge $56,804
Shreveport $41,016
Metairie $69,780
Lafayette $57,628
Lake Charles $46,664
Bossier City $59,058
Kenner $54,782
Monroe $39,284
Alexandria $42,635
Marrero $51,077
Houma $56,161
Laplace $60,358
Slidell $64,775
Terrytown $50,204
Ruston $33,277
Harvey $51,472
Sulphur $53,489
Natchitoches $29,566
Hammond $39,442

Average salary in Louisiana by county 

Reviewing average salaries in Louisiana by city is not necessarily an adequate metric for average salaries across the state, since it’s entirely urban focused. A good idea is to weigh these figures up against the average salary in Louisiana by county, as this will take areas outside the main cities into account and offer a broader idea of salary ranges.  

The same survey from the US Census Bureau gives further insight this way, with the average household income calculated for each county.  

Countyaverage household income
Ascension $72,288
La Salle $60,712
East Baton Rouge $60,256
Jefferson $59,007
St. Charles $66,971
Bossier $62,700
Orleans $46,170
Cameron $62,500
Calcasieu $54,091
Plaquemines $67,488
Livingston $61,227
Terrebonne $57,189
Lafayette $56,301
Caddo $49,189
St. Tammany $72,226
St. James $59,379
West Baton Rouge $54,442
Rapides $51,487
Ouachita $50,003
Beauregard $51,254
Pointe Coupee $53,394
Vermilion $53,452
St. John the Baptist $57,742
St. Martin $51,761
Sabine $45,913
Jefferson Davis $52,370
Union $48,394
Assumption $51,657
Vernon $47,954
DeSoto $49,792
Iberia $49,631
St. Mary $46,628
Lafourche $49,550
Red River $43,058
Caldwell $46,144
Tangipahoa $50,438
Lincoln $48,407
St. Bernard $45,301
Iberville $51,321
Jackson $50,052
Webster $44,737
Bienville $40,396
Franklin $39,783
Grant $46,357
East Feliciana $46,750
Natchitoches $42,149
West Feliciana $55,852
Acadia $44,404
Richland $42,512
St. Landry $41,610
Evangeline $43,838
Catahoula $41,283
Washington $37,633
Allen $43,685
Avoyelles $38,738
Claiborne $40,705
West Carroll $41,838
St. Helena $34,199
East Carroll $26,230
Concordia $37,724
Winn $40,975
Morehouse $39,822
Tensas $34,281
Madison $38,788

Highest paying jobs in Louisiana

There’s another weighty factor that will influence how much you earn if you live in Louisiana: your job type. Average salaries for various sectors and job roles can vary massively across the state, so it’s absolutely something to consider when looking at salaries by location.

Zippia Learn has calculated a comprehensive list of annual salaries by occupation area, which you can also find below.

Job TitleSalary
Executive Director, Information Technology $168,488
Family Practitioner $151,134
Emergency Medicine Specialist $147,569
Director Of Engineering, Quality & Program Management $140,920
Contractor-Registered Nurse $133,688
Public Health Dentist $128,638
Director Of Account Management $124,772
Clinical Physician Assistant $115,746
Engineering Production Operations Director $115,312
Customer Service Director $113,052
Director Of Information Technology Security $112,980
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist $111,306
Health Information Management Director $111,032
Business Continuity Management Director $110,272
Director, Technical Operations $110,240
Data Operations Director $109,228
Business Services Director $108,155
Director Of Business Systems $107,970
Executive Director Business Development $107,809
Business Unit Director $107,049

Frequently asked questions about salaries in Louisiana

What is the average salary in Louisiana by age?
Alongside location and occupation, salaries in Louisiana are also dependent on age, since more senior workers will be paid more. Then, when they retire, their income will dip again as they will rely on pensions and other forms of set income.

The Census Bureau data finds that householders under 25 have a median household income of $33,917; householders aged 24 to 44 years old have a median income of $57,671; those aged 45 to 64 years old have a median income of $67,950; and those 65 and older have a median income of $45,117.

What is a ‘good’ salary in Louisiana?
The median income in Louisiana is $51,073. Defining ‘good’ relies on all sorts of variable factors and these should be taken into account. For example, $80,000 is a far higher salary than the state average, but it may not be considered good in high-cost cities like New Orleans or Baton Rouge.

What is the average salary in Louisiana by hour?
If Americans work an average of 1,801 hours per year—at 37.5 hours a week—then the average hourly salary in Louisiana is $28.36.

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