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Learn about the average salaries and highest paying counties in Oklahoma

Despite its size, Oklahoma has a lower cost of living compared to many other states in the country, which makes it easier to define a 'good' salary. According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, Oklahoma is ranked as the 12th lowest for the cost of living and has a diverse economy that includes industries such as aerospace, energy, and healthcare. However, earnings can still vary depending on factors such as location, occupation, and experience. 

Oklahoma County, Tulsa County, and Canadian County have a strong job market, with many opportunities in industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, and education. But which cities and counties offer the highest average salaries? 

Average salary in Oklahoma by city 

City living is often more expensive than living in more rural areas, but it’s also where the money is. Oklahoma’s own cities can vary massively in average salary; cities like Edmond and Bixby command well into six figures, while Muskogee’s average sits just above $35,000.  

Average earnings by city—or any other geographical metric—is just one way of calculating wealth, and certainly shouldn’t be the only way you look at your own earning potential in a given place. It doesn’t take into account the type of jobs that people do to earn above or below this average bracket, and omits any consideration for the number of people living in a household. However, it’s certainly one way of establishing which place offers good earning opportunities.  

The US Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey has calculated the average earnings for the 20 largest cities in Oklahoma, which you can find ranked below.  

CityAverage household income
Oklahoma City $57,973
Tulsa $51,432
Norman $58,938
Broken Arrow $82,346
Lawton $46,041
Edmond $105,971
Moore $68,325
Midwest City $45,345
Enid $53,311
Stillwater $48,014
Muskogee $35,568
Bartlesville $53,281
Shawnee $41,717
Owasso $92,303
Ponca City $43,496
Ardmore $42,252
Duncan $42,896
Yukon $71,200
Bixby $127,748
Sapulpa $49,364

Average salary in Oklahoma by county 

Reviewing average salaries in Oklahoma by city is not necessarily an adequate metric for average salaries across the state, since it’s entirely urban focused. A good idea is to weigh these figures up against the average salary in Oklahoma by county, as this will take areas outside the main cities into account and offer a broader idea of salary ranges.  

The same survey from the US Census Bureau gives further insight this way, with the average household income calculated for each county.

CountyAverage Household Income
Adair County $43,165
Alfalfa County $51,110
Atoka County $41,789
Beaver County $54,287
Beckham County $51,503
Blaine County $50,415
Bryan County $51,903
Caddo County $43,581
Canadian County $79,201
Carter County $46,141
Cherokee County $44,907
Choctaw County $39,815
Cimarron County $61,250
Cleveland County $71,079
Coal County $42,203
Comanche County $53,654
Cotton County $42,879
Craig County $45,230
Creek County $54,206
Custer County $53,139
Delaware County $46,759
Dewey County $46,972
Ellis County $50,274
Garfield County $51,654
Garvin County $48,320
Grady County $55,935
Grant County $52,758
Greer County $44,211
Harmon County $42,917
Harper County $54,511
Haskell County $43,859
Hughes County $40,907
Jackson County $47,837
Jefferson County $40,390
Johnston County $43,289
Kay County $49,369
Kingfisher County $65,050
Kiowa County $42,108
Latimer County $39,911
Le Flore County $41,926
Lincoln County $57,153
Logan County $73,456
Love County $42,882
Major County $53,003
Marshall County $47,328
Mayes County $48,170
McClain County $66,241
McCurtain County $40,569
McIntosh County $43,915
Murray County $48,890
Muskogee County $41,532
Noble County $51,210
Nowata County $45,590
Okfuskee County $39,465
Oklahoma County $68,661
Okmulgee County $43,909
Osage County $60,318
Ottawa County $47,156
Pawnee County $52,833
Payne County $46,488
Pittsburg County $43,696
Pontotoc County $47,683
Pottawatomie County $53,850
Pushmataha County $36,786
Roger Mills County $45,000
Rogers County $75,219
Seminole County $42,121
Sequoyah County $43,617
Stephens County $53,470
Texas County $50,781
Tillman County $41,138
Tulsa County $60,382
Wagoner County $68,906
Washington County $55,216
Washita County $55,750
Woods County $55,933
Woodward County $55,700

Highest paying jobs in Oklahoma

There’s another weighty factor that will influence how much you earn if you live in Oklahoma: your job type. Average salaries for various sectors and job roles can vary massively across the state, so it’s absolutely something to consider when looking at salaries by location.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has calculated a comprehensive list of annual salaries by occupation area, which you can also find below.

OccupationAnnual Salary
General Internal Medicine Physicians $205,590
Family Medicine Physicians $195,620
Podiatrists $194,020
General Pediatricians $187,780
Nurse Anesthetists $168,450
Mining and Geological Engineers $162,720
General Dentists $154,070
Orthodontists $152,220
Petroleum Engineers $132,610
Architectural and Engineering Managers $131,460
Geoscientists (Except Hydrologists and Geographers) $127,280
Physician Assistants $127,240
Pharmacists $126,420
Economists $126,040
Computer Hardware Engineers $120,300
Computer and Information Systems Managers $120,010
Financial Managers $116,050
Other Physical Scientists $112,090
Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers $111,260
Atmospheric and Space Scientists $110,550

Frequently asked questions about salaries in Oklahoma

What is the average salary in Oklahoma by age?
Alongside location and occupation, salaries in Oklahoma are also dependent on age, since more senior workers will be paid more. Then, when they retire, their income will dip again as they will rely on pensions and other forms of set income. Check out the details of retiring in Oklahoma here.

The Census Bureau data finds that householders under 25 in Oklahoma have a median household income of $34,820, while those aged 25 to 44 years old have a median income of $59,922. For those aged 45 to 64 years old, the median income is $66,710, and for those 65 and older, the median income is $44,888.

What is a ‘good’ salary in Oklahoma?
The median income in Oklahoma is $54,449. The definition of a 'good' salary depends on various factors such as cost of living, location, occupation, and individual needs. However, earning above the median income can be considered a good salary.

What is the average salary in Oklahoma by hour?
If Americans work an average of 1,801 hours per year—at 37.5 hours a week—then the average hourly salary in Oklahoma is $30.23.

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