What are the average healthcare costs in California?

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Unpack the average cost of healthcare in California for emergency care hospital stays, insurance premiums, and more.


  • California has the most expensive hospital stay costs in the US; however, it ranks fourth for the most affordable healthcare. 

  • Annual healthcare premiums are $8,083 for individuals and $22,818 for family coverage. 

  • Learning about healthcare costs in California is key to financial and insurance planning. 

What are the healthcare costs in California? 

Healthcare costs in California rank as the fourth most affordable in the US. If you live in California, you can expect to pay an average of $480 per month for private health insurance.  

The Golden State boasts the eighth-lowest average premium for residents with single health insurance coverage received from an employer, with an average of $1,443.33 annually.  

If you live in California or are curious about moving there, understanding its average healthcare costs is crucial for financial planning and budgeting.  

This article covers everything you need to know about how much healthcare costs in California, why the costs differ, and what influences these costs. 

How much are insurance premiums in California? 

An insurance premium is the total amount of money a company or individual pays for insurance.  

As a single individual, you can expect to pay $1,741 annually for health insurance premiums through an employer, depending on the level of coverage you have.  

California has significantly more affordable premiums compared to Florida, which has a high rate of $7,258 annually for health insurance premiums through an employer.  

The average healthcare cost for a family of four in California in terms of healthcare insurance premiums is $1,152 per month. However, this amount depends on what level of coverage you choose.  

How do healthcare costs compare in California? 

Hospital stays in California can be pricey, even with insurance.  

The cost of a full day in a Californian hospital is $3,726, which is significantly higher than the national average of $2,600. 

The healthcare cost in California for emergency care is the most expensive type of healthcare you can pay for on the West Coast. ER visits cost an average of $767, which is much higher than the nationwide average of $625 and the Southern state average of $566.  

Several key factors influence these costs, such as location within the state, type of care, and provider differences.  

What are the long-term care costs in California? 

Long-term care planning is a crucial part of healthcare costs in California —and any state you may live in. Long-term care entails any care you might need during retirement, such as assisted living, home healthcare aid, and nursing.  

The average long-term healthcare cost in California for adult day care is $1,954 per month. Live-in-home healthcare aid costs $6,473 per month, and assisted living facilities cost $5,570 per month.  

What are the healthcare costs for individuals vs. families in California? 

There are significant differences between healthcare costs in California for individuals versus families.  

The average annual premiums for covered workers in the state of California are $8,083 for individuals and $22,818 for family coverage.  

Generally speaking, workers pay 15% of the cost for single healthcare insurance coverage (roughly $1,167) and 30% for full family coverage (approximately $6,680) annually.  

You can minimize healthcare expenses by working with a financial advisor to find the best insurance premiums for your needs.  

What are the most common medical visits, and what are their costs in California? 

California’s most common medical visits are annual check-ups, dental cleanings, and eye exams. At an office or physical care facility, annual check-ups cost approximately $460, while dental cleanings cost between $90 and $200, and eye exams average $70 to $200, depending on insurance.  

How do you manage healthcare expenses in California? 

The best way to manage healthcare costs in California is to choose the right insurance plan, use health savings accounts (HSAs), and negotiate medical bills with the help of a broker, insurance provider, or financial advisor who has an understanding of healthcare premiums.  

You can find out more about affordable healthcare services and understand insurance benefits by consulting with a financial expert.   

Get expert financial advice 

Understanding the average cost of healthcare in California is essential for anyone who wants to take financial responsibility for their health on the West Coast. California has higher than average emergency care and hospital costs, but insurance premiums are lower than in other states like Florida.  

To learn more about healthcare costs in California and how to prepare for long-term care, Unbiased can match you with a financial advisor who will provide expert financial advice. 


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