What are the average healthcare costs in Florida?

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Explore the average cost of healthcare in Florida, including the price of insurance premiums, medical exams, and the differences between individual and family coverage.


  • Florida has the highest national average health insurance premium for family coverage through an employer, at $7,258 per year.  

  • The average cost of healthcare in Florida is significantly higher than it is in other states, such as Michigan, Washington, and California.  

  • Florida is the fourth most expensive state for healthcare insurance, behind Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Carolina. 

  • A financial advisor can help you navigate your finances and create a plan that works for you and your family.  

What are the healthcare costs in Florida? 

Florida has some of the highest health insurance premiums in America.  

The average monthly cost of healthcare insurance in Florida for an individual without a tax subsidy is around $600. With a tax subsidy, the number decreases to $100.  

By comparison, you can get the same level of individual insurance for $580 per month in Alabama and $423 per month in Minnesota without tax subsidies. However, the average cost of healthcare in Florida depends on your age, your health, and the level of coverage you choose.  

How much are insurance premiums in Florida? 

Insurance premiums in Florida vary depending on the number of people you are covering and the level of coverage you are paying for. 

On average, individual insurance costs around $600, but as mentioned, this sum can be levied through tax subsidies.  

If you are paying for family coverage, the average increases significantly.  

Florida has the highest average health insurance for family coverage in the country, costing $7,258 annually.  

Compared to Michigan’s average annual family coverage of $4,703 and Washington’s average of $5,320, Florida’s high family insurance can be a challenge for families to cover alone.  

How do healthcare costs compare in Florida? 

Healthcare costs in Florida are known to be relatively high.  

A basic doctor’s visit can cost you anywhere between $111 and $270, depending on the services you require. In Arkansas and Texas, doctor’s visits start at a much lower $82.  

An uninsured ER visit will cost you $3,900 in Florida, which is higher than the national average of $2,700. Hospital stays can cost anywhere from $2,500 per day, but Medicare insurance can reduce this sum significantly.  

Several factors influence healthcare costs in Florida, such as location within the state, type of care, and insurance provider differences.  

What are the long-term care costs in Florida? 

The cost of a private or semi-private room in a long-term care home in Florida costs approximately $300 per day or up to $8,000 per month.  

These prices increase by 10 to 11% on average every year. Planning for these expenses plays a big part in overall healthcare financial planning.  

What are the healthcare costs for individuals vs. families in Florida? 

How much does healthcare cost in Florida?  

Healthcare for individuals in Florida ranges between $200 and $600 per month. Healthcare for families is much higher, averaging $7,258 per month, the highest in the US.  

You can minimize healthcare expenses by opting for a less comprehensive coverage plan or working for an employer who provides healthcare benefits that extend to family members.  

Working with a financial advisor can also help you negotiate lower healthcare premiums.  

What are common medical visits, and what are their costs in Florida? 

Annual physical check-ups in Florida can cost up to $400 without insurance.  

Healthcare insurance can decrease these sums by up to 40%.  

Common healthcare costs in Florida are higher on average than in neighboring states, such as Georgia and Alabama, which both cost between $175 and $370 without insurance.  

Dental cleanings in Florida cost an average of $70 to $200, which is relatively similar nationwide.  

Eye exams in Florida cost $217, which is higher than the national average of $200.  

How do you manage healthcare expenses in Florida? 

Due to the high average cost of healthcare in Florida, managing expenses can be a challenge. However, this can be dealt with by choosing the right insurance plan, using health savings accounts (HSAs), and educating yourself on insurance premiums and benefits.  

You can also improve your management of healthcare costs in Florida by obtaining the help of a financial advisor, who can help with insurance negotiations and coverage planning.  

Get expert financial advice 

Family, individual, and hospitalization insurance costs are all higher in Florida than in the average state, making it challenging to navigate healthcare costs in Florida. Considering the fact that the average healthcare costs in Florida are notably higher than in most states, getting high-coverage healthcare insurance is crucial for managing expenses.  

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