How much does a nursing home cost in Oregon?

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Understand the importance of planning for nursing home costs in Oregon, the variations in expenses, care levels, and available financing options.


  • The Beaver State has approximately 137 nursing care facilities, with 11,000 beds combined. 

  • Oregon recently ranked as the 12th healthiest state for seniors in the US. 

  • The average cost of nursing home care in Oregon is around $15,000 per month, higher than the national average of over $9,000. 

  • Unbiased can match you with a financial advisor who can help you plan for your financial future. 

What are the average costs of nursing home care in Oregon?’ 

The average cost of nursing home care in Oregon is around $15,000 per month, higher than the national average of over $9,000.  

Costs vary by region, too, with nursing homes in Portland, Oregon, leaning toward the more costly side and nursing homes in Salem, Oregon, costing almost half that. 

But how much do nursing homes cost in Southern Oregon? Southern Oregon offers more affordable options, on average, but the Eugene area is the most expensive, according to a Genworth survey.  

The table below highlights the varying averages from 2023: 

RegionAverage monthly cost
Portland $14,935
Salem $7,135
Eugene $16,650
Bend Area $14,460
Grants Pass $10,260
Medford $8,715

How do costs compare for different types of care in Oregon? 

The average cost of nursing home care in Oregon varies by room type and care level, as well as geographic location.  

A semi-private room averages $10,114 per month, while a private room costs about $11,178. However, you can expect to pay more for patients requiring more specialized attention, as more staff attention is needed. 

Semi-private rooms are budget-friendly and ideal for social residents. In contrast, private rooms offer more privacy and are better suited for those needing personal space.  

Specialized care units are suitable for those with more intense requirements, such as those with dementia. 

Is nursing home care good in Oregon? 

Oregon nursing home care is known for its high standards, especially in cities like Portland and Salem.  

Understanding these costs is an essential aspect of eldercare planning. The average cost of nursing home care in Oregon varies, so it's wise to consider these in your budget. 

Oregon nursing homes offer various services, from basic care to skilled nursing. Many facilities also provide specialized care for dementia patients.  

Knowing the cost differences based on the level of support and location can help families make informed decisions about nursing care in Oregon. 

How do you pay for nursing home care in Oregon? 

To pay for nursing home care in Oregon, families might use private savings, long-term care insurance, Medicaid, or sometimes Medicare.  

Long-term care insurance can cover significant costs, while Medicare covers short-term stays post-hospitalization. 

Medicaid helps low-income residents with the cost of a nursing home in Oregon but requires meeting strict eligibility criteria. Qualifying for Medicaid in Oregon involves asset and income limits, so it's essential to plan to avoid penalty waiting periods.  

Consulting a financial advisor can help you determine which option better suits your financial situation and future care needs. 

What are the tax implications of nursing home costs in Oregon? 

Paying for an Oregon nursing home may offer tax deductions.  

Medical expenses, including nursing home costs, may be deductible on federal income taxes if they exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income

When claiming these deductions, itemize your expenses on Schedule A of your tax return. Keep detailed records of all medical and care-related expenses and consult a tax professional to help you maximize deductions and comply with tax laws. 

What is the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Oregon? 

Oregon has different types of nursing care facilities, and choosing the right option depends on the individual's health needs and budget.  

For instance, nursing homes provide intensive medical care and 24/7 supervision for around $15,000 per month (depending on location). Nursing homes suit those with significant medical needs or chronic conditions. 

Assisted living facilities offer support with day-to-day activities but with less medical care. Their prices range from $5,550 to $6,770 in Oregon, according to Genworth. These facilities are ideal for those who need help with personal care but remain relatively independent. 

How can you choose the right nursing home or assisted living facility in Oregon? 

When choosing an Oregon nursing home or assisted living facility, consider cost, quality of care, services, and location.  

Here are some pointers that can help you decide on the best nursing home in Oregon

  • Visit multiple facilities to make a decent comparison. 

  • Check cleanliness, staff demeanor, and resident satisfaction. 

  • Ask staff about care plans, medical services, and activities. 

  • Speak with current residents about their experiences. 

  • Read reviews and state inspection reports to guide your decision. 

  • Ensure the facility meets your loved one's specific needs and preferences. 

How should I plan for the future and my long-term care? 

Start planning for long-term care early to improve your options and financial stability.  

Proactive measures for covering the future cost of a nursing home in Oregon include: 

  • Saving money. 

  • Investing in long-term care insurance. 

  • Creating an estate plan. 

Discuss your wishes with family members to make informed decisions together. Regularly review and update your plans as your needs and circumstances change. Consulting legal and financial advisors can provide valuable guidance for securing your future. 

Get expert financial advice  

Understanding the average cost of nursing home care in Oregon is crucial for eldercare planning. Prices vary by location, room type, and care level. Financing options include private savings, long-term care insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare under certain conditions. 

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