How much does a nursing home cost in Tennessee?

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Explore nursing home quality and costs in Tennessee, payment options, tax deductions, selecting the right facility, and the importance of early financial and estate planning.


  • Tennessee nursing home care ranks fourth worst in the United States, largely due to high staff turnover. 

  • Nursing homes in the Volunteer State have a 78% occupancy rate. 

  • Nursing home costs may be deductible on federal income taxes if they exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income.  

  • A financial advisor can help you manage your finances and ensure you have enough money to pay for any future needs.  

What are the average costs of nursing home care in Tennessee? 

The average monthly cost of nursing homes in Tennessee is $8,966, slightly below the national average of $9,216.  

Costs vary by region within Tennessee. For a detailed perspective, see the table below: 

RegionAverage monthly cost of nursing home care in Tennessee
Memphis $8,770
Clarksville $8,654
Nashville Area $9,506
Jackson $9,962
Chattanooga $10,007
Knoxville $8,630
Morristown $8,410
Kingsport Area $9,726
Johnson City $9,186

How do costs compare for different types of care in Tennessee? 

Nursing home costs in Tennessee vary by room type and care level.  

The average monthly cost of a nursing home in Tennessee ranges from $8,760 for a semi-private room to $9,612 for a private room.  

Specialized care units, such as those for dementia, are often more expensive, exceeding the $10,000 mark. 

Semi-private rooms are a more budget-friendly option and suitable for residents who enjoy socializing. Private rooms offer more privacy, ideal for those who prefer solitude.  

Specialized care units provide intensive support for specific conditions, meeting higher care needs.  

Understanding how these costs vary helps families choose the best nursing homes in Tennessee for their budget and care requirements. 

Is nursing home care good in Tennessee? 

Tennessee's nursing home care ranks very low compared to other states, primarily due to a persistently high staff turnover.  

Understanding the cost of nursing homes in Tennessee is essential for those who wish to use these facilities.  

The average price of nursing home care in Tennessee varies. Hence, planning helps families budget and ensures their loved ones receive the best care possible.  

Nursing homes in Tennessee offer a range of options, from basic care to skilled nursing and specialized care for conditions like dementia. The variety of care ensures residents receive the level of care they need. 

How do you pay for nursing home care in Tennessee? 

Families have a few options when it comes to paying for nursing homes in Tennessee. These include: 

  • Private savings 

  • Long-term care insurance 

  • Medicaid 

  • Medicare, in some instances. 

Medicaid is a key option but has strict eligibility requirements, e.g., limited income and assets. Considering these requirements in advance and planning accordingly helps to meet these criteria and maintain savings. 

Long-term care insurance is another option, offering coverage for various care levels. Medicare may cover short-term stays under specific conditions, such as post-hospitalization rehab. 

What are the tax implications of nursing home costs in Tennessee? 

Paying for the cost of nursing homes in Tennessee can offer tax benefits.  

Medical expenses, including nursing home costs, may be deductible on federal income taxes if they exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income. This includes fees for medical care, meals, and lodging. 

To claim these deductions, keep detailed records and file IRS Schedule A with your tax return. Furthermore, talking with a tax professional can help you optimize deductions and ensure compliance with the relevant tax laws. 

What is the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Tennessee? 

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes in Tennessee differ in cost and care level.  

Nursing homes offer 24/7 medical care and are more expensive, averaging $8,966 monthly. They are suitable for those with serious health needs. 

Assisted living facilities cost less, about $4,900 per month. They offer help with daily activities and are ideal for more independent seniors who need minimal care. 

How do you choose the right nursing home or assisted living facility in Tennessee? 

To choose the right assisted living facility or Tennessee nursing home, consider cost, quality of care, services, and location. Thorough research and visits help to find the best quality fit for quality care and affordability. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Visit a few facilities to observe cleanliness, staff interactions, and resident happiness. 

  • Ask about staff-to-resident ratios, medical services, and activity programs. 

  • Chat with current residents and their families about their experiences. 

  • For assisted living, ensure the facility meets your loved one's needs. 

  • Consult reviews and state inspection reports to make comparisons. 

How do I plan for my long-term care? 

It's crucial to start planning for nursing home costs in Tennessee as early as possible. Use the following guidelines to help you:

  • Start by assessing your financial situation and researching options like long-term care insurance. 

  • Create a detailed estate plan, including wills and powers of attorney. 

  • Involve family members in decision-making to ensure everyone understands your wishes. 

  • Regularly review and tweak your plans to reflect changing needs and circumstances. 

  • Ask a legal or financial advisor for personalized guidance to help you receive the best care without financial stress. 

Get expert financial advice  

Tennessee nursing homes and assisted living facilities differ in cost and the level of care they offer. Choosing one requires conducting research on each facility and understanding the costs linked to the different care levels and privacy preferences. 

There are various ways to pay for nursing home care in Tennessee. Still, it's essential to plan carefully to afford these costs and maximize tax deductions.  

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