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The state of Virginia offers a diverse landscape, from bustling urban areas to quiet rural communities, and its earning potential can vary greatly depending on where you are located. For those who already live in Virginia or are considering a move, it can be helpful to understand what the financial landscape looks like in terms of average salaries and highest paying counties.

Virginia is often cited as a state with a high cost of living, with Forbes ranking it as the 10th most expensive state to live in. This is largely due to the state's proximity to Washington D.C., which is one of the most expensive cities in the country. Despite this, Virginia offers a range of opportunities for those looking to earn a good salary. 

It's important to note that average earnings by city or county is just one way of calculating wealth and earning potential. It doesn't take into account the type of jobs people do to earn above or below the average bracket, and it doesn't factor in the number of people living in a household. However, it can be a helpful way of understanding which areas offer good earning opportunities. 

The following list shows the average earnings for some of the largest cities in Virginia, according to the US Census Bureau's latest American Community Survey: 

CityAverage earnings
Virginia Beach $68,000
Norfolk $50,000
Chesapeake $73,000
Richmond $57,000
Newport News $51,000

Average salary in Virginia by county

When reviewing average salaries in Virginia, it's important to take into account the fact that focusing solely on city averages can be misleading. To get a more comprehensive picture of earning potential across the state, it's worth considering average salaries by county as well. 

Looking at average salaries by county takes into account areas outside of major cities, which can offer a different earning potential. The US Census Bureau's latest American Community Survey provides an average household income calculation for each county in Virginia, which can help to offer a broader idea of salary ranges. 

Here are some of the highest paying counties in Virginia, according to the US Census Bureau's latest American Community Survey: 

County Average household income
Loudoun County $142,299
Falls Church City $128,752
Fairfax County $120,068
Arlington County $116,286
Stafford County $102,785

Highest paying jobs in Virginia

There’s another weighty factor that will influence how much you earn if you live in Virginia: your job type. Average salaries for various sectors and job roles can vary massively across the state, so it’s absolutely something to consider when looking at salaries by location.  

Zippia has calculated a comprehensive list of annual salaries by job title. You can also find the top 10 highest-paying titles in Virginia below.  

Occupation Average salary
Finance Services Director $219,848
Primary Care Pediatrician $212,238
Chief Medical Officer $204,752
Senior Vice President, Sales $202,485
Medical Director $201,962
Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist $192,597
President & Chief Operating Officer $192,251
President Of Operations $190,970
Vice President, Field Operations $190,354
Associate Medical Director $185,524

Frequently asked questions about salaries in Virginia

What is the average salary in Virginia by age? 

Similar to California, salaries in Virginia can also depend on age, with more senior workers typically earning more than younger workers. The median household income for householders under 25 in Virginia is $52,594, while householders aged 25 to 44 years old have a median income of $85,701. Those aged 45 to 64 years old have a median income of $96,376, and those 65 and older have a median income of $55,224, according to the 2019 American Community Survey data. 

What is a 'good' salary in Virginia? 

Defining a "good" salary in Virginia can vary depending on several factors such as location, occupation, and personal circumstances. The median income in Virginia is $76,456. However, in areas with a high cost of living such as Northern Virginia, a higher salary may be necessary to maintain a comfortable standard of living. It's important to consider factors such as housing costs, healthcare expenses, and other living expenses when determining what constitutes a "good" salary in Virginia. 

What is the average salary in Virginia by hour? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage in Virginia was $29.56 as of May 2020. This can vary depending on the industry and occupation, with some industries and positions commanding higher wages than others. It's important to note that the average hourly wage does not take into account the number of hours worked per week, so it's important to consider both the hourly wage and number of hours worked when evaluating salary.  

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