Equitable Advisors review: what do you need to know?

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Learn about Equitable Advisors' goods and services, their investment philosophy, and the advantages and potential pitfalls of partnering with them.


  • Equitable Advisors specializes in wealth management, retirement planning, and insurance solutions. 

  • The firm’s assets under administration total approximately $80.4 billion. 

  • They employ over 4,100 advisors to service approximately 2.8 million clients nationwide. 

  • Unbiased will help you to find the best SEC-registered financial advisor for your needs. 

Introduction to Equitable Advisors 

Equitable Advisors, established in 1859 and formerly known as AXA Advisors, is a subsidiary of Equitable Holdings, Inc., specializing in wealth management, retirement planning, and insurance solutions.  

Its rich history spans over a century and shows how Equitable Advisors continues to uphold its commitment to providing trusted financial advice and services. 

As a broker-dealer and registered investment provider, Equitable Advisors guides individuals and businesses toward financial success. While offering diverse financial products, its fiduciary status varies based on individual client agreements and advisor-client relationships. 

What services do Equitable Advisors offer? 

Equitable financial advisors offer a range of services, including:  

Wealth management 

  • Comprehensive financial planning tailored to suit individual needs and goals. 

  • Asset allocation strategies to optimize investment portfolios. 

  • Retirement planning, including IRA and 401(k) advice. 

Investment management 

  • Expert guidance on investment selection and diversification. 

  • Access to investment products, including mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and ETFs. 

  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing to adapt to changing market conditions. 

Insurance solutions 

  • Life insurance policies to protect loved ones and estate planning.  

  • Long-term care insurance to help cover medical expenses in later stages of life. 

  • Disability insurance to safeguard income in the event of unexpected disability. 

What is Equitable Advisors’ investment philosophy?  

Equitable Advisors' investment philosophy revolves around a holistic, diverse, long-term approach to wealth management.  

Here's a breakdown of the philosophies their financial and investment advisors adhere to: 

  • Diversification: They believe in spreading investments across different asset classes to enhance potential returns and reduce risks. 

  • Long-term focus: Equitable Advisors emphasizes patience and discipline, advocating for staying invested over the long run to capture market growth opportunities. 

  • Risk management: They prioritize understanding clients' risk tolerance and crafting portfolios accordingly, balancing risk and return objectives. 

  • Active management: Equitable Advisors employs strategies to seize opportunities and proactively navigate market fluctuations. 

What is Equitable Advisors’ pricing and fee structure? 

Equitable Advisors' pricing and fee structure typically include various charges based on the services provided.  

These may comprise advisory fees, which can vary based on the type of investment accounts and assets under management. 

Additionally, clients may incur transaction fees for certain trades and investment products, and insurance products may involve separate charges and premiums. Check their pricing page regularly for specific details on Equitable Advisors' pricing and fee structures. 

Is Equitable Advisors trustworthy? 

Equitable Advisors falls under Equitable Holdings, Inc., a reputable financial services company with over 4,100 advisors.  

While some of their advisors are fiduciaries, the financial advisors often hold certifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), indicating a commitment to professional standards. 

However, as with any financial advisor, it's essential to ascertain if there are potential conflicts of interest and ensure transparency in fee structures and recommendations. You can also check out other Equitable Advisors' reviews to ensure their service meets your standards and requirements.  

What are the pros and cons of Equitable Advisors? 

Working with Equitable Advisors has its pros and cons. Our Equitable Advisors review breaks these down as follows: 


  • Comprehensive services: Equitable Advisors offers a wide range of financial services, providing clients with holistic financial advice. 

  • Strong reputation: With over a century of history and operating under Equitable Holdings, Inc., Equitable Advisors benefits from being a reputable brand and a longstanding presence in the financial services industry. 

  • Customized solutions: Advisors work closely with clients to tailor financial plans to their unique circumstances and goals. 

  • Access to resources: Clients may benefit from research, tools, and educational resources Equitable Advisors provides to support informed decision-making and financial literacy. 


  • Potential conflicts of interest: As with any financial advisory firm, there may be inherent conflicts of interest, such as incentives to recommend specific products or services that may not always align with the client's best interests. 

  • Fee structure: Equitable Advisors' fee structure may involve various charges, including account opening fees, advisory fees, and other transaction fees, which add up and impact overall investment returns. 

  • Limited transparency: Some clients may find that Equitable Advisors' fee structures and pricing are only sometimes transparent, leading to uncertainty about the cost of services. 

  • Product complexity: Equitable Advisors' range of financial products may be complex, requiring clients to carefully consider and understand them before making decisions. 

How to open an account with Equitable Advisors? 

To open an account with Equitable Advisors, you must first schedule a consultation to discuss your financial goals and complete the necessary paperwork. Then, you can choose the account type and advisor that best suits your needs. 

Once your account is opened, transfer funds and be aware of associated fees. Then, you can discuss and agree upon an investment strategy for your risk tolerance and objectives. Remember to review all documentation carefully before signing. Schedule regular reviews with your advisor to monitor performance and adjust as needed. 

Get expert financial advice 

Equitable Advisors is a well-established advisory firm that rebranded from AXA Advisors. The company falls under Equitable Holdings, Inc., and has a lengthy history of reliability. Potential clients can sign up to work with one of their fiduciaries or certified advisors but should seek to clarify the fee structure and if there are any conflicts of interest. 

Remember, when making financial decisions about your future, it’s always best to seek expert financial advice from an SEC-regulated financial advisor. Unbiased can match you with the right professional for your needs now.  


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