When do I need a financial advisor?

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From planning for retirement to building your investment portfolio, this article takes you through the wide range of services an advisor offers and how you can benefit from trusted financial advice.


  • A financial advisor helps you accomplish your goals and turn your plans into reality.

  • Only 35% of people in the US chose to utilize the skillset of a financial advisor. 

  • From buying a home and building your wealth to retirement and estate planning, a financial advisor can help you with all of life’s big financial decisions.

  • Unbiased can find you a financial advisor perfectly suited to meet your needs.

What is a financial advisor? 

A financial advisor is an experienced professional who can help you make confident decisions and reach your financial goals.

Looking for a financial advisor?

Unbiased can match you with a trusted, regulated financial advisor perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Many people choose to get financial advice when they’re on the cusp of making big monetary decisions or when their income has increased (and they want to start investing and changing their savings goals but aren’t sure where to start).

At present, there are over 300,000 working financial advisors in the US. This number is predicted to increase continually over the next decade. 

The right advisor can help you accomplish your goals and turn your plans into realities, consistently educating you and improving your financial strategies as you work together.

The scope of service provided by your advisor will differ depending on who you hire/what you need, but the assistance on offer can include: 

  • Retirement planning services 

  • Investment management 

  • Budgeting advice 

  • Financial planning

  • Estate planning services 

  • Insurance/healthcare advice 

  • Tax advice and planning 

  • College fund preparation and management  

  • Savings advice  

When to get a financial advisor

To thoroughly explore the many ways a financial advisor could be suitable for you, let’s look at some situations in which the need for expert guidance would arise and how an advisor would help: 


Retirees and soon-to-be retirees hoping to get the best out of their golden years have much to consider on the financial side of things, from investment and savings management to long-term care and estate planning.

financial advisor can lead you through all that and more with ease, giving you peace of mind and helping you to maximize your retirement income. They can help you create a personalied retirement plan and give you the expert advice you need to achieve your dream retirement.

Investments and growing your portfolio

A financial advisor can bring shape to your budding portfolio and create a personalized investment strategy that covers everything from your current financial situation and risk tolerance to your long-term investment goals.

You can communicate with your advisor about your preferences, interests, attitude to risk, etc., and build the perfect strategy for you.

Going through a divorce 

The financial impact of a divorce is almost as notorious as the emotional impact, and financial decisions made during divorce proceedings can have enormous, long-lasting consequences.

Receiving help from a supportive expert in the finance field is hugely advised. A financial advisor’s support can give important early shape to your settlement and plans, help you understand your new financial situation, and help you move forward, feeling confident about your financial future.

Estate planning

Estate planning is a crucial task that helps you put a plan in place for when you’re no longer here. It takes time and a lot of planning.

A financial advisor can help you build a comprehensive estate plan, ensure you have all the right documents and implement clever tax strategies to reduce your loved one's potential tax burden.

Financial planning 

Whether you’re considering making a big purchase or want to ensure your money is working as hard as possible for you, it’s worth examining your finances and perhaps implementing some changes.

A financial advisor is poised to help with this shift and anything that comes with it. They can integrate every part of your financial life and get a personalized plan with carefully picked products and services to achieve your financial goals.

Managing your taxes 

Whether you’re an employee or a self-employed business owner, you must consider taxes no matter where you live in the US. You’ll need to account for federal and state-level income tax in most states.

A financial advisor should be on the cards for those seeking to minimize their tax burden and make proper use of deductions.

Protecting your life, health and wealth with the right insurance policies

According to Statista, around half of Americans have term life insurance policies and around 92% have health insurance. If you want to take out one or the other, an advisor can help ensure you get the best deal, product, and coverage for your needs.

A financial advisor can also talk you through other less common options that you might benefit from, including long-term care insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection insurance.  

Why do I need a financial advisor? 

Hiring a financial advisor can be a great decision. Yet, in 2022, only 35% of people in the US chose to utilize the skillset of a financial advisor.  

Access to a quality financial advisor equals access to expertise, potentially favorable product rates and offers, and guidance on everything from minimizing your tax burden to making complex financial decisions.  

Meanwhile, not hiring an advisor when needed can cause costly, tough-to-rectify mistakes. If you’re unsure whether you need financial advice or not, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Could I benefit from support and expert help when making financial decisions? 

  • Am I dealing with complex financial issues that I find confusing?  

  • Would I like to increase my wealth and expand my asset portfolio? 

  • Do I fully understand my taxes, or could an advisor save me some money here? 

How do I find a financial advisor?

Are you hoping for help with your taxes and financial planning? Or are you gearing up to retire and hoping to put yourself in the best place monetarily before you do?

Once you know what you need from an advisor, you’ll be able to seek out well-reviewed professionals who provide those services and have experience in those areas.  

At Unbiased, we will connect you with a financial advisor perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Better still, your first consultation will be completely free. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, and we’ll look after the rest.

Find your perfect financial professional today.     

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Looking for a financial advisor?

Unbiased can match you with a trusted, regulated financial advisor perfectly suited to meet your needs.