What is the best way to invest $50,000?

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Wisely investing $50,000 requires careful consideration and preparation, ensuring your capital is carefully invested to suit your unique needs and goals.


  • The best way to invest $50k will depend on your financial goals and risk tolerances. 

  • Creating a diversified investment portfolio is ideal for this sum as it will reduce overall risk.  

  • Some suggested investments include real estate, retirement planning, stocks, and shares. 

  • You can find a financial advisor through Unbiased who can help you decide the best way to invest your money. 

What are your investment goals?  

When investing $50k, knowing exactly what your financial goals are is crucial.

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For example, is your goal to enjoy steady growth from your $50k investment? Or are you planning for a specific milestone, such as buying a property?  

Understanding and setting these goals will guide you through your investment choices and help you avoid any potential pitfalls.  

However, before you decide how to invest $50,000, it’s also important that you know your investor type.

Investors are typically categorized as conservative, risk-tolerant, or somewhere in between. 

Once you've identified your objectives and risk appetite, you'll be able to narrow down your investment options and ensure a more purposeful and satisfying journey towards your financial goals. 

What factors should you consider before you start investing your money?  

Beyond understanding your goals and investor identity, it's essential to consider the following factors before investing $50k:  

  • Clear your debt: While certain long-term debts, like mortgage or car repayments, are almost unavoidable and not as easy to clear outright, smaller, short-term debts should be settled before you begin investing. The interest you pay on debts may exceed the interest you earn on an investment, so it is a good idea to ensure you are as debt-free as possible. 

  • Build a safety net: Life is unpredictable, so having an emergency fund as a financial cushion helps to safeguard your investments from unforeseen expenses. If you fail to set up an emergency fund, you may need to access your investment early and could pay penalties or early withdrawal fees.  

When you address your debts and ensure you have a safety net, you strengthen your financial standing and give your investments a chance to grow on a stable and secure platform.  

5 ways to invest $50,000 right now  

When you have $50,000 to invest, there are numerous options available to you.  

However, since people differ in many respects and everyone’s financial situation is unique, you must choose a strategy based on your goals and investor identity. 

Here are some suggestions of where to invest $50k right now: 

1. Build a diversified investment portfolio

  • A diversified portfolio tailored to your unique risk tolerance and financial aspirations combines various asset classes, including bonds, stocks, and funds. 

  • The main benefit of a diversified investment portfolio is risk mitigation. If one sector falters, others may thrive, balancing overall returns. 

  • This approach suits investors seeking a balanced mix of growth and stability. 

2. Invest in real estate  

  • Real estate investment involves purchasing residential or commercial properties to generate income through rental payments, property value appreciation, or both. 

  • For those interested in tangible assets and seeking potential long-term gains, this is a possible investment choice.  

  • Real estate offers a hands-on approach to investing, offering financial stability and the joy associated with property ownership. 

3. Invest in stocks and shares  

  • Investing $50k in individual stocks and shares provides ownership in those entities, which, in turn, offers the potential for capital appreciation and dividends. 

  • This approach offers higher returns but is at higher risk as market fluctuations influence it. 

  • Investing in individual stocks and shares requires active management and a hands-on approach. 

4. Open a high-interest savings accounts 

  • A high-interest savings account provides a secure investment option with better returns than traditional savings. 

  • It is a conservative approach to investing, making it suitable for risk-averse individuals. 

  • High-interest savings accounts offer liquidity and capital preservation, ensuring easy access to funds while earning a competitive interest rate. 

5. Invest your money for your retirement 

  • Contributing to a retirement-specific account like a 401k or an individual retirement account (IRA) offers tax advantages and fosters long-term financial security.  

  • These accounts often have contribution limits, meaning you may have to split your $50K between retirement accounts and other investments.  

  • Investing $50k towards your retirement allows you to benefit from compounding interest over a more extended period, all but ensuring a comfortable post-work life. 

Should you invest your money all at once?  

Deciding how to invest $50,000 doesn’t only come down to what to invest in; you also need to consider how you’ll invest it.  

While immediate returns sound tempting, a more sensible approach is to space out your investments over time. This strategy, known as dollar-cost averaging (DCA), advocates consistency over timing transactions based on market conditions. 

But how does it work? DCA involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, regardless of market conditions. This disciplined approach ensures you purchase more shares when their prices are low and fewer shares when prices are high.  

This strategy mitigates the impact of short-term market fluctuations because it spreads your investments across various market conditions.  

DCA is akin to taking a measured stroll through the market landscape rather than attempting to sprint through unpredictable terrain. 

The dollar-cost averaging strategy aligns with a patient and strategic mindset that acknowledges the inherent unpredictability of markets and fosters a more balanced and steady investment journey. 

Where can I get expert financial advice?

There are numerous considerations when investing $50k, from defining your investment goals to understanding your investor type and considering various strategies and factors.  

Additionally, the best way to invest $50k will differ from person to person, as everyone’s financial situation is different.  

If you’re not sure how to invest $50,000 or are looking for financial advice, let Unbiased match you with an expert financial advisor. 

A financial advisor can help you make the right decisions and ensure that your investments yield the best returns, in line with your goals.  

Find a financial advisor now.  


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