What is the average salary in Mississippi?

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Learn about the average salaries and highest paying counties in Mississippi.


  • The sheer size of Mississippi makes it difficult to define a ‘good’ salary.

  • The Magnolia State is home to cities with varying costs of living, yet earnings can vary massively.

  • Numerous sources rank Mississippi as one of the more affordable states in the country to live in. Niche.com places it in the top 10 for affordability, with a cost of living index well below the national average.

  • Accordingly, we can expect the average salaries to be lower than in some other states — though there are still opportunities for high-paying jobs.

  • The earning potential available in Mississippi may be an incentive for some to head to the Deep South.

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What is a good salary in Mississippi?

The median household income in Mississippi is $47,158. However, defining what is a ‘good’ salary in Mississippi can depend on various factors like location, lifestyle, and family size. For instance, a $70,000 salary can be a good salary for a single person living in a small town, but it might not be enough for a family of four living in an expensive urban area.

What is the average salary by age in Mississippi?

Alongside location and occupation, salaries in Mississippi are also dependent on age, since more senior workers will be paid more. Then, when they retire, their income will dip again as they will rely on pensions and other forms of set income. You can also check out the complete guide to retirement in Mississippi here.

The Census Bureau data finds that householders under 25 have a median household income of $35,512, householders aged 25 to 44 have a median income of $53,440, those aged 45 to 64 years old have a median income of $61,823, and those 65 and older have a median income of $43,991.

What is the average salary by hour in Mississippi?

If Americans work an average of 1,801 hours per year — at 37.5 hours a week — then the average hourly salary in Mississippi is $21.68.

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What is the average salary by city in Mississippi?

City living is often more expensive than living in more rural areas, but it’s also where the money is. Mississippi’s own cities can vary in average salary; Southaven commands just under $65,000, while Jackson’s average sits below $37,000.  

Average earnings by city — or any other geographical metric — is just one way of calculating wealth, and certainly shouldn’t be the only way you look at your own earning potential in a given place. It doesn’t take into account the type of jobs that people do to earn above or below this average bracket, and omits any consideration for the number of people living in a household. However, it’s certainly one way of establishing which place offers good earning opportunities.  

The US Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey has calculated the average earnings for the largest cities in Mississippi, which you can find ranked below. 

CityAverage household income
Southaven $64,615
Biloxi $49,119
Gulfport $46,111
Hattiesburg $39,702
Jackson $36,499

What is the average salary by country in Mississippi?

Reviewing average salaries in Mississippi by city is not necessarily an adequate metric for average salaries across the state, since it’s entirely urban focused. A good idea is to weigh these figures up against the average salary in Mississippi by county, as this will take areas outside the main cities into account and offer a broader idea of salary ranges.  

The same survey from the US Census Bureau gives further insight this way, with the average household income calculated for each county.  

CountyAverage Household Income
Adams County $45,188
Alcorn County $45,301
Amite County $35,263
Attala County $36,694
Benton County $39,889
Bolivar County $32,015
Calhoun County $37,243
Carroll County $32,290
Chickasaw County $36,594
Choctaw County $34,620
Claiborne County $24,528
Clarke County $41,191
Clay County $37,648
Coahoma County $29,047
Copiah County $43,861
Covington County $43,153
DeSoto County $68,632
Forrest County $47,031
Franklin County $36,470
George County $53,808
Greene County $42,636
Grenada County $39,460
Hancock County $56,436
Harrison County $52,413
Hinds County $43,109
Holmes County $23,225
Humphreys County $24,819
Issaquena County $30,000
Itawamba County $42,399
Jackson County $54,550
Jasper County $36,532
Jefferson County $23,611
Jefferson Davis County $34,715
Jones County $45,250
Kemper County $30,950
Lafayette County $50,845
Lamar County $66,068
Lauderdale County $45,079
Lawrence County $40,400
Leake County $41,193
Lee County $50,785
Leflore County $28,142
Lincoln County $39,681
Lowndes County $44,381
Madison County $71,232
Marion County $38,541
Marshall County $37,996
Monroe County $39,973
Montgomery County $34,336
Neshoba County $41,827
Newton County $38,685
Noxubee County $29,157
Oktibbeha County $35,507
Panola County $38,843
Pearl River County $49,223
Perry County $43,900
Pike County $43,166
Pontotoc County $45,077
Prentiss County $41,321
Quitman County $22,928
Rankin County $72,675
Scott County $35,425
Sharkey County $23,750
Simpson County $41,247
Smith County $39,116
Stone County $44,109
Sunflower County $27,104
Tallahatchie County $28,880
Tate County $43,742
Tippah County $40,432
Tishomingo County $42,903
Tunica County $31,287
Union County $42,448
Walthall County $34,200
Warren County $48,167
Washington County $32,258
Wayne County $37,910
Webster County $35,000
Wilkinson County $26,317
Winston County $39,275
Yalobusha County $44,348
Yazoo County $32,729

What are the highest paying jobs in Mississippi?

There’s another weighty factor that will influence how much you earn if you live in Mississippi: your job type. Average salaries for various sectors and job roles can vary massively across the state, so it’s absolutely something to consider when looking at salaries by location.

Zippia has calculated a comprehensive list of annual salaries by occupation area, which you can also find below.

Job TitleSalary
Primary Care Pediatrician $218,289
Assistant Professor Of Surgery $214,706
Board Certified Orthodontist $211,551
Medical Director $206,164
Staff Psychiatrist $204,768
Physician $199,859
Associate Professor Of Surgery $198,028
Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist $196,946
Acute Care Physician $196,012
Internal Medicine Physician $194,989
Staff Physician $194,909
Finance Services Director $194,884
Family Practice MD $191,789
Family Medicine Physician $189,219
Pain Management Physician $184,675
Primary Care Physician $182,636
Medical Staff Physician $182,153
Physician Extender $181,887
Chief Medical Officer $179,238
Assistant Professor Of Medicine $178,906

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