How much does a nursing home cost in Nevada?

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Take a detailed look at the total cost of Nevada nursing homes and the different care options available in the state.


  • The monthly cost of a semi-private room in a Nevada nursing home averages $10,205 and $12,395. 

  • Various financing options exist for nursing homes in Nevada. 

  • Nevada's Medicaid program covers nursing home care for anyone who is eligible. 

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What are the average costs of nursing homes in Nevada? 

The average monthly cost of a semi-private room in a Nevada nursing home is $10,205, while a private room costs $12,395.  

These figures are significantly higher than the national averages of $7,908 for a semi-private room and $9,034 for a private room. 

​​Region​Semi-private room​Private room
​Carson City ​$9,566 ​$10,205
​Las Vegas ​$10,205 ​$12,395
​Reno ​$10,205 ​$22,813​

How do costs compare for different types of care in Nevada? 

The costs for nursing homes in Nevada are higher than the national average

Here's a comparison of the different care options: 

  • Semi-private room: Most affordable, suitable for those needing minimal medical attention. 

  • Private room: This offers privacy and personal space, ideal for those who value solitude or require a more controlled environment. 

  • Specialized care units: Cater to complex medical needs with tailored programs and higher staffing ratios. 

How do you pay for nursing home care in Nevada? 

There are a few different options for paying for care in nursing homes in Nevada: 

  • Private savings and assets: Many individuals use their personal savings, investments, and asset sales to cover costs. 

  • Long-term care insurance: This type of insurance can help cover nursing home costs. 

  • Medicaid: Nevada's Medicaid program covers nursing home care for eligible individuals. 

  • Medicare: While Medicare does not typically cover long-term nursing home care, it may cover short-term stays for rehabilitation purposes. 

Do nursing homes in Nevada accept Medicaid? 

It’s possible, but to qualify for Medicaid in Nevada, individuals must meet specific income and asset limits.  

As of 2024, the income limit for a single individual is $2,829 per month, and the asset limit is $2,000. 

Is nursing home care good in Nevada?  

Understanding the costs of Nevada nursing homes is crucial for effective eldercare planning.  

These costs can vary significantly depending on the level of care required, location, and amenities. 

Nursing homes in Nevada offer various care options: 

  • Basic care: Assistance with daily living activities and medication management. 

  • Skilled nursing care: Specialized care by nurses, including wound care and medical treatments. 

  • Specialized care: Tailored programs for conditions like dementia. 

  • Rehabilitation services: Short-term therapies for recovery. 

What are the tax implications of nursing home costs in Nevada? 

Nevada nursing home costs can be tax-deductible if they exceed a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income and are primarily for medical care.  

This includes room and board (if medically necessary), nursing services, personal care by licensed professionals, and medications. 

To claim the deduction, itemize your expenses on Schedule A of Form 1040.  

It’s best to keep detailed records of all medical expenses and consult a tax professional for guidance and to maximize your potential savings. 

What is the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Nevada? 

While both nursing homes and assisted living facilities (ALFs) cater to the elderly, they differ significantly in the level of care provided, cost, and suitability for different needs. 

Level of care:

  • Nursing homes: Provide 24/7 nursing care for individuals with complex medical conditions. 

  • Assisted living facilities: Offer assistance with daily living activities. 

Cost implications:

  • Nursing homes: As discussed earlier, Nevada nursing home costs are significantly more expensive than assisted living options. It’s important to consider such questions as: Does Nevada Medicaid cover nursing home care? This can help make more well-informed decisions. 

  • Assisted living facilities: ALFs are generally more affordable than nursing homes. 

Suitable scenarios:

  • Nursing homes: Ideal for individuals with chronic illnesses, complex medical needs, or those requiring intensive medical care. 

  • Assisted living facilities: Suitable for individuals who are mostly independent but need assistance. 

How do you choose the right nursing home or assisted living facility in Nevada? 

Choosing the right Nevada nursing home requires careful consideration. 

You need to determine the level of care required and evaluate the costs. To do this, you should create a budget and compare facility costs. 

You must also verify licensing and accreditation, check staffing ratios, review inspection reports, read online reviews, and choose a facility conveniently located for family visits. 

It’s also recommended to visit potential nursing homes in Nevada and do the following: 

  • Observe the environment and interact with staff and residents. 

  • Ask staff about staffing ratios, care plans, activities, and complaint procedures. 

  • Ask residents about their satisfaction with care, staff responsiveness, and overall experience. 

Key questions you should ask include: 

  • How are staff trained? 

  • How are individual care plans created and updated? 

  • What activities and social events are offered? 

  • Are meals nutritious and varied? 

  • What are the safety and security measures in place? 

How early should I start planning my long-term care? 

Start planning for long-term care as early as possible, ideally in your 40s or 50s.  

Early planning allows you to prepare financially, assess potential costs, and evaluate resources like savings and long-term care insurance. It also lets you create or update estate plans to ensure your will and power of attorney are in order and consider trusts to protect assets.  

You can also communicate your preferences, involve them in decision-making, and assign roles for managing finances and care. 

Get expert financial advice 

The costs of nursing homes in Nevada are expensive, with averages exceeding national rates. These costs have many financial implications, and there are a range of care options available, from basic assistance to specialized units.  

Understanding these aspects is crucial for informed decision-making. For personalized guidance on navigating the financial complexities of long-term care, consider seeking expert financial advice.  

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