Fisher Investments vs. Facet: what's the difference?

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Compare Facet and Fisher Investments, two financial planning companies with different investing strategies, fee structures, and approaches to client service.


  • USA Today awarded Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries the Best Financial Advisory Firms in 2023. 

  • Fisher Investments charges competitive fees without any commission. 

  • Facet has a more alternative approach to financial planning fees, and its advisors are always CFP professionals or fiduciaries. 

  • Facet may be relatively new to the sector, but its membership is over 18,000 and growing rapidly. 

Facet vs. Fisher Investments: what's the difference? 

Facet and Fisher Investments are prominent players in the financial services industry.  

Founded in 2016, Facet is a relative newcomer in the industry. Facet’s financial planning takes a more alternative approach as the firm offers comprehensive service at a flat rate. Facet financial advisors use technology and algorithms to find the best financial and investment solutions for their clients, while their financial planners add the human aspect of holistic financial advisory. 

On the other hand, Fisher Investments boasts a long and robust track record and a large team of financial advisors and other employees to meet its client's needs. While Fisher Investments fees may be more costly than Facet's, Fisher provides robust customer service and investment advice. 

What are Fisher Investments and Facet's specific investment strategies? 

Fisher Investments advisors adopt an active investment strategy, using a top-down approach to identify opportunities across global markets. Its team of seasoned financial advisors and investment brokers may recommend tactical adjustments to portfolios based on market trends and economic indicators. While the firm may have slightly higher fees, it aims to deliver superior returns through its active management style and strategic asset allocation. 

In contrast, Facet utilizes a hybrid approach where its robo-advisor uses advanced algorithms to source and suggest ideal investment opportunities for its clients. Its approach typically involves a mix of diversified investments, including bonds, stocks, and other asset classes, to optimize returns and minimize risks. Clients can access Facet financial advisors and fiduciaries to ensure the investment opportunities align with their changing life circumstances. 

What fees can I expect from Fisher Investments and Facet? 

Fisher Investments and Facet ensure transparency in their costs but have different fee structures. 

Fisher Investments fees are charged on a fee-only basis, where the fee is a percentage of all the client's assets under management (AUM). The AUM fee depends on the portfolio size and is as follows: 

  • Up to $1 million: 1.25% annually 

  • Between $1 million and $5 million: 1.125% annually 

  • Over $5 million: 1.0% annually 

According to Fisher Investments fees, its AUM fee covers all costs, and they do not harbor hidden or layered costs. 

Facet fees differ in that they do not charge according to AUM. Instead, they charge a flat membership fee that includes financial and investment advisory services. Its three membership tiers are priced as follows:

  • Core: $2,000 annually 

  • Plus: $3,000 annually 

  • Complete: $6,000 annually 

Regardless of an investment firm's transparency, investors should expect to pay additional fees when trading. These fees often include third-party trading fees and commissions, inactivity fees for dormant accounts, and non-trading account fees like account maintenance or wire transfer charges. 

Is Fisher Investments or Facet better? 

Whether Fisher Investments or Facet is better depends on individual investor preferences and financial goals. Both firms offer similar services but differ in how and what they provide to clients. Below is a summary of their pros and cons: 

Pros of Fisher Investments 

  • Fisher Investments has a diverse team of employees who focus on different aspects of financial and investment advisory. 

  • The firm adopts an active management approach, potentially leading to higher returns through strategic portfolio adjustments. 

  • The firm has been in the industry for over 40 years. 

  • They offer various financial services, including retirement, estate planning, and portfolio management. 

Cons of Fisher Investments 

  • Fisher investments have much higher fees than Facet, especially if the AUM is considerable. 

  • Their service may be less personalized when compared to boutique firms. 

Pros of Facet 

  • Straightforward fee structure that is not affected by investment amount. 

  • A dedicated financial advisor for higher-tier membership. 

  • Competitive fees, especially for those with significant assets. 

  • The certified financial providers at Facet are fiduciaries. 

Cons of Facet 

  • Limited investment options compared to larger firms like Fisher Investments. 

  • Facet is the new kid on the block in the financial services industry, which might turn some consumers off.  

Fisher Investments or Facet: which should I choose? 

When choosing between Fisher Investments advisors and Facet’s financial planning services, consider your investment goals and service expectations. For instance, Facet’s financial advisors might be more suitable if you seek personalized service and set fees. However, if you desire an extensive range of services and experienced advisors, Fisher Investments might appeal to you more. 

However, as well as fees, investment strategy, and various pros and cons, here are some other questions you should ask yourself when choosing between Fisher Investments and Facet:  

How do Fisher Investments and Facet remain competitive and adapt to changing market conditions? 

Fisher Investments and Facet employ several strategies to adapt to varying market conditions and stay competitive. For instance, they might regularly assess and update their investment protocols to align with market trends and changes. Additionally, both firms invest in research and technology to offer innovative solutions to clients and enhance their capabilities.  

Which platform provides better customer service and support? 

Facet customer service is renowned for being personalized and providing dedicated support tailored to individual needs. While offering comprehensive services, Fisher Investments’ customer service may have a slightly less personalized approach due to its larger scale and client base. 

Can I access my Fisher Investments of Facet accounts through their websites and mobile apps? 

Fisher Investments and Facet offer online access to client accounts through their websites and mobile apps. These platforms provide convenient ways for investors to monitor their portfolios, track performance, and access relevant financial information on the go. 

Get expert financial advice 

Fisher Investments and Facet offer financial and investment advisory services using different approaches. Facet emphasizes personalized service and low fees, and Fisher Investments boasts experienced advisors, a proven track record, and a comprehensive range of services. 

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