Fisher Investments financial advisors: what are the pros and cons?

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Find out more about Fisher Investments' financial advisors and how they compare to other portfolio management and financial planning firms in the US.


  • Fisher Investments offers portfolio design, investment strategy, and financial planning. 

  • This financial services firm’s target audience is wealthy investors who need help managing and growing their portfolios.  

  • Fisher Investments is known for its excellent customer service and high minimum portfolio requirements of $500,000. 

  • Let Unbiased help you find a financial advisor who can manage your investment portfolio and plan your financial future. 

Fisher Investments: who are they? 

Fisher Investments is a financial advisory firm founded in 1979 by Ken Fisher, a renowned investor and author of financial strategy books.  

The firm focuses on offering portfolio management and investment strategy guidance for wealthy investors who want to grow their assets without exerting too much direct effort.  

Today, Fisher Investments serves over 150,000 clients worldwide and has more than $265 billion in assets under management. 

Fisher Investments does not offer brokerage services, but its financial and investment planning services are comprehensive. Its philosophy is one of transparency, efficiency, and well-researched investment growth.  

What do Fisher Investments do? 

When you sign up with Fisher Investments, they will assess your existing investment portfolio and future financial goals and start developing a strategy to achieve them.  

Fisher Investments’ advisors design highly customized portfolios based on the structure of Ken Fisher’s financial methods. Each portfolio is curated to reflect individual client needs and aspirations for their investment careers.  

Fisher Investments is a good financial advisory firm to choose if you are a wealthy investor with a fair amount of investment experience but are seeking support for portfolio expansion and management over time.  

Fisher is a respected and trusted name in the investment industry.  

What are the pros and cons of Fisher Investments? 

While Fisher Investments' financial offering offers a range of impressive and comprehensive investment portfolios and financial management options, it doesn’t provide brokerage services, and its steep minimum investment requirement fees can be limiting.  

These are the other pros and cons of this firm: 


  • Exceptional customer service.  

  • Advisory support is ongoing.  

  • Portfolio design is bespoke. 

  • Investment decisions are heavily research-based.  


  • No brokerage platform is available.  

  • The minimum investment portfolio is $500,000. 

  • Fees are higher than average.  

Fisher Investments: financial services 

The main financial service Fisher Investments offers is personal and investment wealth management.  

Their aim is to equip clients with a highly customized and comprehensive investment portfolio that aligns with individual financial goals and strategies.  

Under the personal and investment wealth management umbrella, Fisher Investments can help with portfolio design, financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and annuity evaluation.  

Fisher Investments: fees 

Fisher Investments’ fees are considered higher than average within the investment portfolio management industry. With a minimum portfolio value of $500,000, Fisher Investments' financial services are not accessible to those still building their wealth.  

This firm charges an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee in exchange for running your portfolio. That means they will charge you a percentage-based fee of the total amount you invest with them. The percentage depends on what size your portfolio is.  

Investments of up to $1 million are charged at 1.25% AUM per year, while those over $4 million are charged 1.125% per year, and those with assets over $5 million overall are charged 1% per year. So, the more you invest, the less AUM you pay per year.  

Fisher Investments: technology 

Fisher Investments’ technology is relatively basic and straightforward.  

The platform used to access online investment services does not accommodate brokerage activity, so clients cannot make their own independent trades.  

The Fisher Investment website is more of an external custodian than a personal account management system. Using login details that are created when you sign on with the firm, you can access personal information about the status of your accounts and portfolio, but any actions relating to them must be processed with the help of your financial advisor.  

Fisher Investments security: is it secure? 

Fisher Investments' security is considered up to industry standards.  

With tight encryption procedures and over ten locations where you can meet with a Fisher representative, all client information is handled with the utmost security and protection.  

If in-person meetings are not preferable to you, Fisher Investments also offers online video meetings. Advisors work closely with clients to ensure that assets and data are handled securely and any unusual activity is detected immediately.  

Fisher Investments: customer service 

Excellent customer service is one of Fisher Investments's best-known attributes.  

Each client is assigned a Fisher investment financial advisor who is legally and ethically bound to serve their best interests and help them achieve their financial goals efficiently and smoothly.  

Seek expert financial advice 

Fisher Investments is a highly reputable financial and investment services firm that helps wealthy clients improve their portfolios and manage their finances better.  

However, its requirement of a minimum portfolio value of $500,000 may be a barrier to entry for many people.  

If you need expert financial advice, Unbiased can match you with a financial advisor who will help you manage your money and make the most of your investments.  

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