The top 10 financial advisor websites

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Get the low-down on the ten best financial advisor websites in the US to find professional advice that suits your needs.


  • The best financial advisor websites clearly outline the services on offer. 

  • It’s important to ask the right questions when approaching a new financial advisor to ensure they are the right fit. 

  • Always check a financial advisor’s rate, indemnity insurance, and preferred method of communication. 

  • The best way to find a financial advisor that suits your needs is to do your research. 

  • Unbiased can connect you with a financial advisor quickly and for free.  

Top financial advisor websites 

Making sure you choose the financial advisor that best fits your needs is very important for effective communication and productive financial outcomes.  

However, every year, the financial services industry grows larger and more varied in the kinds of services it offers. This can make it difficult to choose a good financial advisor that meets your exact needs.  

Fortunately, many financial advisor websites in the US can provide you with all the confidence and clarity you need to pick the right professional for the job.  

Unbiased’s website is one of the best places to look for professional financial advice.  

The following ten financial advisor websites all come with their own specializations, perks, and areas of expertise.  

Let’s dive in:  


Unbiased connects people with independent, regulated financial advisors, empowering confident and competent financial decisions. Unbiased has been the leading source in the United Kingdom for connecting people with regulated, independent financial advisors for over a decade. Unbiased is growing in the US, bringing its expertise and resources to American consumers. 

The Unbiased platform is popular for its ability to match clients with professionals whose services align with client needs. Unbiased offers a range of advice areas, including retirement, investing, estate planning, financial planning and more. This makes it a powerful, stand-out resource for people seeking specific financial services. 

2. Carson Wealth 

Carson Wealth is a popular financial advisor website that offers a broad range of services relating to retirement, estate planning, tax planning, investment management, and personal wealth growth. Their services focus on helping people build financial freedom through personalized plans and easy, simple resource management. 

3. Goldman Sachs 

Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s leading financial service firms. With a strong focus on global and organizational finances, this firm provides insights, guidance, and services to both individuals and corporations dealing with large assets or investments in pursuit of effective management and long-term financial growth. 

4. Nelson Financial Services 

Nelson Financial Services is an old-school financial services firm that prides itself on reliability and impeccable customer service resources. They offer a limited but effective list of services relating to retirement planning and finding financial independence, regardless of client budgets or goals. 

5. Stash Wealth 

Stash Wealth is a virtual financial advisory firm that is centered on providing modern (and often younger) consumers with flexible, realistic financial planning services. They offer goal-based financial strategies and personalized wealth management services.  

6. Safran Wealth Advisors 

Safran Wealth Advisors services are full stack, with a focus on business finances. Offering robust investment management resources and expert financial strategy advice, Safran’s reputation as a financial services firm is hallmarked by its business acumen and high level of professionalism. 

7. Vanguard Group 

Vanguard Group is a well-established financial advisory firm that offers services relating to mutual funds, IRAs, ETFs, 401(k)s, and a variety of other investment strategies. They also offer personalized financial advice and give clients access to cutting-edge financial tools for managing their finances more effectively. 

8. Grey Ledge Advisors 

Grey Ledge Advisors’ financial services arsenal is broad-reaching but focused mainly on retirement, investment strategy, and business wealth management. Whether you are an institution, business owner, or individual investor, GLA offers expert advice on financial strategies that are both professional and accessible. 

9. Guide Financial Planning 

Guide Financial Planning is a financial services firm that specializes in providing advice rooted in the Christian faith. 

Their financial advisor website highlights a variety of financial services offerings relating to long-term financial planning, investments, tax management, and more. There are also high-resolution videos about the firm and its faith-centric approach to finances. 

10. ZUK Financial Group 

ZUK Financial Group’s services are broad-reaching, but most of them are centered around retirement, wealth education, and business ownership for more thoughtful financial management. Their team is diverse and full of industry experts for a safe and highly professional take on financial strategy.  

What are some good questions to ask a financial advisor? 

Good financial advice is invaluable.  

Once you have identified a financial advisor website or two that offers the services and support that you are seeking, you can move forward with initiating contact and beginning your relationship with a professional financial advisor or firm.  

Here’s a list of three questions to ask a financial advisor to understand your situation better and be more productive. 

  • How do you set your rates? Enquiring about the fee structure of your potential financial advisor is crucial. Once you have an answer, you can determine whether it works for you and if you have the budget for it.  

  • What is your preferred communication method? Some financial advisors prefer face-to-face meetings, while others prefer calls or video conferences. Many have set times or schedules for how often they meet with clients.  

  • Do you have indemnity insurance? Indemnity insurance protects you from losing money in the unlikely event that the advisor fails to fulfill their job. It is much safer to hire financial advisors that offer this service.  

How to identify the best financial advisor for you 

There are plenty of good financial advisors, but not all of them may be suited to your needs.  

Performing research, asking questions, and doing your homework when enquiring with a prospective advisor is crucial for selecting one that works for you.  

It’s important you find an advisor who aligns best with your financial needs and expectations for the future so that you can bring your goals to life with the most productive and cost-effective strategy possible.  

Find a financial advisor today 

You can find a financial advisor that perfectly suits your needs by getting matched with one at Unbiased. 

Just answer a few questions, and Unbiased will find you a financial advisor who can help you achieve the financial goals specific to your situation for long-term security and growth.   

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