What are the best financial advisors in the US?

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Discover who the eight top financial advisory firms are in the US, what they each offer, and their individual pros and cons.


  • Knowing how to choose the best financial advisor for your needs is crucial for your financial future. 

  • Not every financial advisor or firm provides the same services or meets the same standards. 

  • The eight best financial advisors in the US each have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Unbiased can connect you with a financial advisor perfectly suited to meet your needs.  

How to choose a financial advisor firm 

In 2023, the US financial advisory services market is worth over $57 trillion. But with so many renowned firms to choose from, selecting the best financial advisor for your needs can be a challenge.  

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The best financial advisor firms are those with plenty of experience, a diverse group of industry experts, and a wide range of financial services to offer clients.  

Financial advisory firms offer advice, strategy, and guidance in the fields of investment, savings, financial management, and long-term wealth building.  

The best financial advisors in the US 

Currently, the best financial advisors in the US are BlackRock, Charles Schwab, Facet, Fidelity Investments, Edward Jones, Mercer, and Vanguard.  

Below, we’ve outlined each one of these advisory firms’ active services, investing strategies, and pros and cons.  

1. BlackRock

One of the world’s leading financial advisory firms, BlackRock is an internationally acclaimed company that focuses on sustainable investing and AI-driven strategy development.  

Financial services:

  • Investment management  

  • AI-driven strategic insights  

  • Developing future-oriented investments  

  • Stock predictions  

Investing strategy:

Using AI to generate contemporary, accurate investment plans.  


  • A collaborative, diverse workforce 

  • Innovative, cutting-edge strategies and technology 

  • Focused on sustainability 


  • Expensive  

  • A formulaic approach to investing 

  • Formal advice delivery 

2. Charles Schwab 

Charles Schwab is one of the largest and best companies for financial advisors in the US. It focuses on providing commission-free stock trading advice on US markets.  

Financial services:

  • Securities management  

  • Brokerage  

  • Money management  

  • Banking assistance  

Investing strategy:

Global, US, and income-focused investments with low fees.  


  • Non-trading fees are low 

  • Free stock and ETF trading 

  • Great customer service  


  • High futures fees  

  • Site structure incompatibilities  

  • Hard to navigate system  

3. Facet 

Facet’s mission is to provide working-class people with accessible financial services. Categorized as a robo-advisor, Facet is largely run by automated technological processes.  

Financial services:

  • Portfolio management 

  • Personalized goal planning 

  • Full financial life planning 

Investing strategy:

Simple, low-fee, low-risk investment plans  


  • Fiduciary financial advisors  

  • Broad-scope short and long-term investing options  

  • No minimum investments required  


  • Fees are expensive for smaller portfolios  

  • In-person meetings are not available 

  • Confusing fee structure  

4. Fisher Investments 

Created for experienced investors who want a professional to take the reigns, Fisher Investments is one of the best financial advisory firms for customized portfolio strategy.  

Financial services:

  • Portfolio management  

  • Financial planning  

  • Estate planning  

  • Annuity evaluation 

Investing strategy:

Personalized investment strategy development for experienced investors.  


  • Outstanding research available  

  • Personally curated investment portfolios  

  • Ongoing support from advisors  


  • High investment management fee  

  • Minimum portfolio requirement of $500,000 

  • No brokerage platform  

5. Fidelity Investments 

One of the most well-rounded financial firms available, Fidelity Investments is widely recognized as a good beginner’s option for anyone who wants to develop a comprehensive, reliable investment strategy.  

Financial services:

  • Retirement planning 

  • Cryptocurrency trading 

  • Investment strategy 

  • Fractional share guidance  

Investing strategy:

Simple, entry-level investments with low risk and consistent returns. 


  • Expense-ratio free index funds  

  • Excellent mobile app 

  • A wide selection of research is provided  


  • High broker fees 

  • High transaction fees  

  • Uninspiring site and app layout  

6. Edward Jones 

Edward Jones is a longstanding financial services firm in the US with a safe and reliable history. They are known best for their independent investment advice.  

Financial services:

  • Retirement planning 

  • Basic investment strategy 

  • Insurance 

Investing strategy:

Affordable, low-risk investment and financial advice from seasoned advisors. 


  • Excellent customer service 

  • Simple layout and fee structure  

  • Relatively affordable rates  


  • Dated website  

  • Limited technological capacity 

  • There is a limited variety of advisors to choose from  

7. Mercer

One of the best private wealth management firms, Mercer is renowned for its thorough and professional approach to providing personal financial advice.  

Financial services:

  • Financial planning 

  • Portfolio management  

  • Pension consulting 

  • Educational seminars   

Investing strategy:

Defining, developing, and implementing investment strategies for pensioners and entry-level investors. 


  • Personalized investment strategies  

  • Familiar brand  

  • Relatively low transaction fees  


  • Issues with personal pension fund systems  

  • Confusing site layout  

8. Vanguard 

An established stockbroker firm, Vanguard offers commission-free ETF and stock trading advice to US citizens.  

Financial services:

  • Wealth management  

  • Savings plans  

  • Small business retirement  

  • Investment strategies  

Investing strategy:

Index sampling is used to track benchmark indexes without having to replicate holdings.  


  • Low trading fees  

  • Easy mobile app navigation 

  • Easy to open an account  


  • Limited to US markets 

  • High margins  

  • Basic research tools available 

Which is the best financial advisory firm for you? 

The best financial advisor firm ultimately depends on what your needs are as a client.  

Any of the above firms are likely to meet your needs, but some will be more compatible with you than others, and you can use the factors listed below to determine which you should choose.  

  • Budget – Naturally, these firms have their own pricing systems to consider. The bigger your budget, the more services and expert guidance you can afford.  

  • Location – Not all financial advisor firms thrive in remote or long-distance arrangements. Choose one that you can communicate with easily.  

  • Service requirement – Some firms specialize in certain services, so picking one with a high level of experience in your field of interest is best.  

  • Advice delivery – Financial advisor firms have different communication and customer management styles. Pick one that delivers advice in a way you find comfortable and easy to understand.  

  • Experience level – If you need high-level advice and input, you’ll want to opt for a firm with more experience in their field. Smaller, less seasoned companies can easily handle lower-stakes financial management like savings and retirement.  

Get matched with a financial advisor 

Looking through the best companies for financial advisors in the US is a great method for finding one that meets all your needs and expectations. Not all financial advisors or firms are the same, and knowing what the different specialties are is important for your financial future and long-term security. 

If you would like to learn more about financial management and get expert financial advice, let Unbiased match you with a financial advisor that suits your needs. 


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