Mercer Advisors: what are the pros and cons?

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Learn more about what makes Mercer Financial Advisors such a reputable financial services firm and whether they’d make a good fit for your financial and investment needs.


  • Mercer Financial Advisors is a firm that offers comprehensive financial services to high-net-worth individuals.  

  • This firm uses an assets under management (AUM) based fee structure. 

  • Mercer can help clients develop more diversified portfolios, create financial growth plans, and make smart investment decisions. 

  • Unbiased makes finding an expert financial advisor simple and straightforward.  

Mercer: who are they? 

Mercer is a financial advisory firm that was founded in 1985 by Kendrick Mercer.  

Mercer was a lawyer who specialized in estate planning for families and professionals and eventually branched out into financial planning as a career.  

Mercer's headquarters are currently located in Denver, Colorado, but the firm has offices across the US. The founder always focused on hiring top talent, including Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), Certified financial analysts (CFAs), and certified public accountants (CPAs), and his firm continues to do so to this day.  

Mercer Advisor’s main services include providing high-net-worth individuals with effective wealth management strategies.  

What does Mercer do? 

Mercer’s financial advisors provide investment planning and wealth management strategies for wealthy individuals. The average net worth of Mercer clients is between $1.5 million and $10 million.  

Mercer can help clients develop more diversified portfolios, create financial growth plans, make smart investment decisions, and generally manage large portfolios so that investors can focus on other priorities.  

Additionally, Mercer’s financial advisors advise on alternative investment strategies, such as private funds. They also offer tax management, corporate trustee service, intergenerational wealth education, and insurance review.  

What are the pros and cons of Mercer Advisors? 

Choosing a financial advisor to handle your hard-earned finances is an important decision.  

Mercer has many strengths as a business, but there are also some disadvantages to consider before you decide whether to work with them.  


  • A full-suite financial services.  

  • Despite focusing on high-net-worth clientele, Mercer’s fees are competitive.  

  • It is an award-winning, highly trusted financial advisory firm.  

  • A focus on women investors and catering to women’s needs.  


  • Expensive client referrals.  

  • Potential conflict of interest for securities products.  

  • Potential conflict of interest for insurance sales.  

Mercer: financial services 

Mercer’s financial services are comprehensive. The firm’s wide range of multidisciplinary services makes it an ideal financial service provider for wealthy investors to allocate all of their investment and financial planning needs.  

Mercer offers a variety of services, including investment advice, tax management, financial planning, trust and estate management, intergenerational wealth education, and retirement or end-of-life planning

While Mercer accommodates all types of clients, there is a special focus on providing financial education for women. Female clients can ask to be assigned a female advisor, of which there are many in the faculty.  

Mercer: fees 

Mercer uses an assets under management (AUM) fee system. The higher the value of a client's assets, the higher the Mercer’s fees.  

A percentage is used to determine how much your advisor will charge.  

The first million a Mercer client invests will have an AUM per year of 1.10%. Investments of over $10 million have a lower AUM per year of 0.50%.  

Mercer: technology 

Mercer technology and platform services are innovative and up to standard.  

As Mercer’s financial advisors cater to high-net-worth clients, the technology they offer reflects the need for exceptional resources. The firm's website is well-designed and comprehensive, making it easy to navigate and assess your individual portfolio, assets, and account information.   

Mercer has a powerful research system that allows clients to receive accurate and insightful information about creating and managing lasting, growth-oriented investment plans for themselves and their future.  

Mercer security: is it secure? 

Having been in the industry for so many years and catering to such high-value clients, the firm places a huge amount of importance on sufficient information security.  

All of Mercer’s clients have encrypted, multi-tier secure access to their information, which prevents data theft or financial theft from occurring.  

The website is managed by a team of software professionals who identify and mitigate any suspicious activity if it arises.  

Mercer: customer service 

Mercer's customer service focuses on intergenerational wealth education, long-term financial planning, and close client-to-financial advisor relationships.  

Seek expert financial advice 

Mercer financial advisors provide comprehensive investment and financial planning services to high-net-worth clients. Established in 1985, the firm has developed a solid reputation with its target client base. 

Seeking expert financial advice is crucial for properly planning for the future. Unbiased can match you with a financial advisor who can ensure that your net worth grows over the years in a way that benefits you best.  

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