Fisher Investments vs. Mercer: what’s the difference?

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You should consider everything from investment strategy to fees and customer service when choosing between Fisher Investments and Mercer.

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  • Mercer specializes in comprehensive wealth management strategies for high-net-worth individuals. 

  • Fisher Investments focuses on portfolio management and investment strategy guidance for wealthy investors, with a minimum investment portfolio amount of $500,000. 

  • Fisher Investments emphasizes personalized advisory support and research-driven portfolio design. 

  • Mercer offers a broad range of financial services, competitive fee structures, and a focus on female investors. 

Mercer vs. Fisher Investments: what’s the difference?

MercerFisher Investments
Pros Comprehensive services Personalized support
Competitive fees Highly researched
Female investor focus Optimized performance
Cons Expensive referrals No brokerage platform
Potential conflicts High minimum investment
Strategy Diversified portfolios Research-driven
Alternative investments Long-term growth
Fees AUM-based, competitive AUM-based, higher
Decreases with portfolio size Decreases with portfolio size
Service Comprehensive planning Ongoing support
Intergenerational focus Dedicated advisor
Technology Comprehensive website Limited online tools
Powerful research system Advisor-dependent actions
Adaptability Comprehensive suite Continuous research
Innovative technology Personalized advisory
Customer Service Close advisor relationships Personalized guidance
Long-term focus Efficient needs met

Mercer and Fisher Investments each have their own distinct approach to wealth management.  

Mercer’s financial services have a strong reputation for providing comprehensive wealth management strategies primarily tailored to high-net-worth individuals. Mercer financial advice focuses on offering a full suite of wealth management services, including investment planning, tax management, estate planning, and alternative investment strategies. 

With a minimum investment portfolio of $500,000, Fisher Investments specializes in portfolio management and investment strategy guidance for wealthy investors who want to grow their assets with little direct effort or involvement. 

Fisher Investments advisors emphasize long-term growth and income generation through well-researched investment strategies and personalized financial advising.  

What are Fisher Investment and Mercer’s specific investment strategies? 

Fisher Investments was founded on principles of transparency and efficiency and emphasizes a research-driven approach to portfolio management. Their strategy focuses on long-term growth and income generation, with portfolios designed to reflect individual client goals and risk tolerance levels.  

A Fisher Investments financial advisor will curate a highly customized portfolio based on Ken Fisher’s financial methods, aiming to optimize returns while mitigating risks.  

Mercer financial services offers a comprehensive suite of wealth management services designed primarily for high-net-worth individuals. The firm's investment strategy involves creating diversified portfolios, making smart investment decisions, and managing large portfolios effectively.  

Mercer financial advisors provide tailored financial advice, including alternative investment strategies such as private funds, tax management, and estate planning.  

While both firms prioritize personalized advising and portfolio diversification, Fisher Investments' approach leans towards research-driven portfolio management. At the same time, Mercer offers a broader range of wealth management services catering to affluent investors. 

What fees can I expect from Fisher Investments and Mercer? 

Fisher Investments fees are based on charging clients an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee, which is a percentage-based fee calculated on the total value of assets managed. The fee percentage varies depending on the size of the portfolio, with larger portfolios typically incurring lower fees.  

For instance, Fisher Investments may charge around 1.25% AUM per year for portfolios up to $1 million, decreasing to 1% for portfolios exceeding $5 million.  

Mercer fees utilize an AUM fee system as well, where the fee percentage decreases as the value of assets under management increases.  

Mercer's fees typically start at 1.10% for the first million invested and decrease to 0.50% for portfolios exceeding $10 million.  

In addition to these management fees, investors should also be aware of other potential fees associated with investment firms, such as trading fees, trading commissions, inactivity fees, and other miscellaneous charges.  

Is Fisher Investments or Mercer better? 

While both firms have their strengths and weaknesses, investors should carefully consider their unique needs and preferences when selecting a wealth management partner. 

The pros of Fisher Investments 

Fisher Investments distinguishes itself with exceptional customer service and ongoing advisory support, ensuring clients receive highly personalized guidance. The firm's bespoke, highly researched portfolio design aims to optimize investment performance.  

The cons of Fisher Investments 

Fisher Investments' lack of a brokerage platform and high minimum investment requirements may limit accessibility for some investors, while its relatively higher fees could impact overall returns. 

The pros of Mercer 

Mercer boasts a comprehensive suite of financial services, competitive fee structures, and an award-winning reputation. Its financial advice also focuses on female investors, and its commitment to addressing women’s specific financial needs further enhances its appeal.  

The cons of Mercer 

Potential drawbacks include expensive client referrals and the need for vigilance regarding possible conflicts of interest, particularly related to securities and insurance product recommendations.  

Fisher Investments or Mercers: which should I choose? 

Choosing between Fisher Investments and Mercer depends on your specific circumstances and financial goals. 

In addition to fees, investment strategy, and the pros and cons, here are some other questions you should ask yourself when choosing between Fisher Investments and Mercer: 

How do Fisher Investments and Mercer remain competitive and adapt to changing market conditions? 

Fisher Investments advisors focus on continuous research and personalized advisory support, ensuring clients receive tailored recommendations that are aligned with their goals.  

Mercer emphasizes a comprehensive suite of financial services and innovative technology, providing sophisticated tools for clients.   

Which platform provides better customer service and support? 

Fisher Investments' customer service is renowned for its personalized advisory support, offering ongoing assistance to clients. Each client is assigned a dedicated Fisher Investments advisor who guides them through their financial journey, ensuring their needs are met efficiently.  

Mercer customer service emphasizes intergenerational wealth education and fostering close client-to-financial advisor relationships. The firm provides comprehensive financial planning and prioritizes long-term financial goals.  

Both firms excel in customer service, offering tailored support to address individual client needs. Ultimately, the choice between Fisher Investments and Mercer may depend on personal preferences and specific financial requirements. 

Can I access my Fisher Investments or Mercer accounts through their websites and mobile apps? 

Fisher Investments' online platform allows clients to access account information, investment tools, and resources. However, it does not support independent trading activities, meaning clients cannot execute trades on their own. Instead, any actions related to accounts or portfolios must be processed through their assigned financial advisor.  

Mercer provides a well-designed and comprehensive website that facilitates easy navigation and access to individual portfolio, assets, and account information. The firm also offers a powerful research system, enabling clients to receive accurate and insightful information about managing investment plans.  

Get expert financial advice 

Fisher Investments and Mercer stand out as reputable firms offering tailored solutions to affluent investors. While Fisher Investments customer service stands out and it offers ongoing advisory support, Mercer offers a comprehensive suite of financial services. By weighing the pros and cons and considering investment strategies and fees, you can determine which firm best meets your needs and aspirations for financial success. 

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