Find a financial advisor company: an overview 

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Discover 25 of the top financial advisory companies in America and find out what they offer and what sets them apart.


  • The top 25 financial advisor companies in the US all offer something different. 

  • Each of the top 25 financial advisory companies has its own areas of expertise and specializations. 

  • Financial advisor companies have varying fee structures and rates. 

  • Unbiased can match you with the right financial advisor to suit your needs. 

Financial advisor companies in the US 

The US is home to a thriving financial services industry, of which dozens of firms form a part.  

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Every one of the financial advisory companies in operation has its own unique fee structures, specializations, and areas of expertise that differentiate them from each other.  

Here’s an overview of the top 25 financial advisor companies in the US today: 

  • Betterment 

  • BlackRock 


  • Cerity Partners 

  • Charles Schwab 

  • CI Private Wealth 

  • Edward Jones 

  • Evoke Advisors 

  • Brief summary of the company. 

  • Ellevest 

  • Empower 

  • Facet 

  • Fidelity 

  • Fisher Investments 

  • Fort Washington Investment Advisors 

  • GW&K Investment Management 

  • Harness Wealth 

  • J.P. Morgan 

  • Mercer 

  • Merrill 

  • Moneta Group Investment Advisors 

  • NFP Retirement 

  • Summit Rock Advisors 

  • Vanguard 

  • Wealthramp 

  • Zoe Financial 

Financial advisor companies help people set clear financial goals and develop and implement financial strategies relating to investments, long-term savings, ETF trading, retirement planning, debt repayment, and all other forms of money management.  

However, that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Let’s take a brief look at each of the 25 financial advisor companies on this list: 


Betterment is a full-service, all-around financial services company that provides guidance across a wide range of financial topics, including investments, retirement planning, pension savings, and more.  


With a focus on proprietary research and global economy insights, BlackRock is one of the most innovative and future-oriented financial advisory firms in the US. They specialize in money markets, geopolitics, and long-term sustainable investment strategies.  


If you’re looking for simple, easy-to-understand financial advice, CAPTRUST is your firm. Tailored to your unique needs and goals, CAPTRUST offers comprehensive wealth and co-fiduciary services for all.  

Cerity Partners 

Cerity Partners is a financial advisory firm that focuses on custom-designed financial plans and income investment strategies for individuals across the board. Their wealth management plans are geared towards individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations.  

Charles Schwab 

The online brokerage firm of Charles Schwab is a full-service financial advisory entity that specializes in diverse investment options, asset management, and portfolio expansion, amongst other things.  

CI Private Wealth 

CI Private Wealth is a Canadian financial advisory firm that offers premium, personalized financial advice. Their main objective is to provide creative, innovative, and modern financial solutions for clients in Northern America and beyond.  

Edward Jones 

Edward Jones offers a more traditional range of financial services. With low fees and a pragmatic approach to service structure and customer service, Edward Jones has earned a reputation of trust among many new investors and savers in the US.  

Evoke Advisors 

Evoke Advisors comprises a passionate team of entrepreneurial financial advisors who specialize in advising high net-worth solutions for families, non-profit organizations, and individuals in need of financial assistance.  


Ellevest focuses on providing women with the financial advice they might need to become financially independent. Their automated investment strategies and affordable workshops are designed to empower women to take control of their financial circumstances and create a solid income investment strategy.  


Empower’s financial services focus on debt repayment solutions and healthy financial habits that everyone can benefit from.  


Facet is one of the few financial advisor companies that charge a flat fee based on the specifics of each client. With video conference communication and deeply researched strategy services, Facet is a popular choice for people embarking on any investment or savings journey.  


Fidelity is one of the largest firms of its kind in the US and has been in operation for 75 years. Offering a wide variety of different financial planning services and advice, Fidelity is known for its accessibility and traditional approach to customer service.  

Fisher Investments 

With a focus on small business management and family finances, Fisher Investments is a great firm offering simple, practical financial advice.  

Fort Washington Investment Advisors 

Fort Washington is a diversified asset management firm that specializes in investment strategy. They also assist with portfolio management and long-term savings plans.  

GW&K Investment Management 

This Boston-based client-focused firm is over 50 years old and offers very comprehensive, full-service financial advice. Run by entrepreneurs, their investment management is current and innovative.  

Harness Wealth 

Harness Wealth assists with taxes, pension funds, and industry insights to provide the most relevant and actionable financial advice possible.  

J.P. Morgan 

J.P. Morgan is the largest financial advisory company in the US. Due to the established nature of their firm, this company is versed in a wide variety of financial contexts. It helps clients tackle money management, from investments to retirement and everything in between.  


Mercer focuses on providing innovative retirement and income investment strategies for everyday people. They emphasize the importance of financial health as well as wealth.  


Merril provides helpful financial advice. Their wealth management strategies are simple, accessible, and affordable. 

Moneta Group Investment Advisors 

This non-banking financial institution (NBFI) is based in Serbia but provides many Americans with solid, globally relevant financial advice.  

NFP Retirement 

NFP is a leading brokerage firm that specializes in retirement planning and wealth management for people in their senior years.  

Summit Rock Advisors 

Investment portfolio management and sound financial advice are what Summit Rock Advisors do best. Offering both families and foundations cutting-edge financial advice, Summit Rock Advisors is one of the most popular companies for investable wealth strategies.  


Best known for its wide variety of low-cost fund options, Vanguard has a reputation for being one of the most reliable and steadfast online brokerages in the US.  


Wealthramp is a straightforward financial services agency that is designed to help people grow their wealth in the most efficient way possible. They address a variety of different financial needs.  

Zoe Financial 

Known for their meticulously curated fiduciaries, Zoe Financial is a financial planning firm aimed at providing modern wealth-building strategies for families and individuals.  

Seek expert financial advice 

When it comes to choosing a financial advisory company, you want to pick a firm that you can not only trust but also share similar values in terms of strategy, budget, and philosophy.  

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